1. Can Shading Your AC Compressor Save Money?

    If you read our previous blog, you may have picked up on the subtle hint we left that indicated how a bit of shade could make for a less energy-consuming transfer of heat from your home to the outdoors, which naturally means that shade could save you some money as you run your air conditioner this summer. Today, we’ll tackle this oft-asked question and its complicated set of answers! On Shading …Read More

  2. How Do AC Compressors Last Outside?

    In New Braunfels, basically every building, including homes and businesses, has an AC compressor of some sort sitting outside. Whether the compressor is on the roof for a large building or next to the side of the home, many people find it intriguing that these appliances are able (and indeed, expected) to last for 10, 20, or more years sitting outside in the elements. When the Elements Lead to Air…Read More

  3. Why Refrigerators and AC are Different

    One question we frequently get asked is seemingly obvious, but surprisingly complicated: Why are the technologies used for refrigeration and air conditioning different? Major Differences Between Your Fridge & Air Conditioner It seems simple, right? Your refrigerator manages to keep foods cooled or frozen with minimal effort, running almost constantly - why doesn’t your AC work the same way? …Read More

  4. Summer Heat Returns to New Braunfels

    It’s only March, yet the summer heat has already begun to return to New Braunfels. Across the country, unseasonably warm weather has brought about temperatures that are well above what we would expect for this time of year - and we all know what that means for the upcoming summer heat. Prepare Today or Sweat Tomorrow Simply put, your decision is simple: Get ready for summer or be sorry you didn…Read More

  5. Check for Rebates

    Recently, we briefly mentioned how homeowners can save some money on upgrades to their homes through local and federal rebate programs. These programs are free to take advantage of, and often require only a brief application, proof of purchase, or a simple line item on your annual taxes. Take advantage of some of these programs with your air conditioner installation to further compound energy savi…Read More

  6. Improving Energy Efficiency, Part 2

    In our previous blog, we began a running list of ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, especially in regard to keeping temperate air in and uncomfortable air out. If you’re looking for even more ways to increase your energy efficiency, then read on! Attic Insulation It can’t be stressed enough how important proper insulation of attic space is for keeping heat out of your home. Wi…Read More

  7. Increasing Upstairs Airflow

    A common complaint we hear from New Braunfels residents is that their air conditioning is no longer cooling the upstairs like it used to. There are a number of potential explanations for this common problem, and often the only person that can actually shine light or solve the issue is an air conditioning repair technician. There are, however, a few things you can do to help ensure that your home i…Read More

  8. Air Conditioning, Among Best Ever Inventions

    When considering the best inventions of mankind, many come from the 20th century. With such contenders as the assembly line, birth control, penicillin, computers, televisions, cell phones, and, of course, the internet, it is difficult to name many of mankind’s greatest lasting achievements that weren’t from the 20th century. Among the lists made by the truly sociologically savvy is air conditi…Read More