Is Your Heat Pump Low on Refrigerant in Schertz, TX?

When damage develops along refrigerant lines, the refrigerant can leak. Without this essential fluid, your heat pump in Schertz, TX cannot operate efficiently. Below, we will discuss some signs of a heat pump that’s leaking refrigerant.

A Constantly Running Heat Pump

Ideally, a single-stage heat pump should run in cycles while regulating the indoor temperatures. Anomalies make the system run without taking breaks. One such anomaly is refrigerant leakages.

Running constantly reduces your system’s life due to accelerated wear and tear. Therefore, you should schedule repairs as soon as possible. If you have a variable-speed heat pump, there is no need for alarm, as the makers of these units design them to run constantly to maintain comfortable temperatures at all times.

Weird Sounds

During winter, the refrigerant absorbs heat at the outdoor component. It then passes through the compressor for the compressor to increase the fluid’s temperature and pressure. The compressor does this to enable the fluid to release heat into the indoor air.

If there are perforations along the refrigerant lines, this high-pressure fluid escapes through these tiny openings. The leaking fluid causes a hissing noise due to the high pressure. Air bubbles enter the refrigerant lines through the small holes, causing a gurgling noise as they mix with the fluid.

A Frozen Outdoor Coil

The outdoor coil may freeze from time to time during winter. Since the accumulated ice hinders the coil from absorbing heat efficiently, the heat pump melts this ice using a special procedure called a defrost cycle.

During this procedure, the refrigerant transfers heat from your living space to the outdoor coil to melt the ice. Low levels of refrigerant cannot transfer sufficient heat to the outdoor coil. Consequently, the coil remains frozen.

Never attempt DIY repairs if your refrigerant leaks, as this fluid causes health complications if it comes in contact with your body. Instead, call Legacy Home Services for professional heat pump services. Our team will repair the damaged refrigerant lines and recharge your system.

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