Do AC Units Run Out of Refrigerant?

A vital component of your AC system is refrigerant. Refrigerant is a chemical that cycles through your condenser and evaporator coil to remove heat from your indoor air and “cool” your home. The amount of refrigerant needed for your AC system to work to manufacturer specifications and proper efficiency is established upon installation by measuring the charge.

How Much Refrigerant Do I Need?

Each AC system has a pre-determined amount of refrigerant it requires to perform to manufacturer specifications. Upon the installation of your AC system, this amount is weighed, and operating pressures along with other metrics determine whether your system is operating with the correct amount of refrigerant. Unlike oil in an engine, this refrigerant does not need to be replaced and should never run out. The amount of refrigerant from the start of the AC system should last for its lifespan.

Refrigerant Checks

Having periodic tune-ups on your AC system is important for ensuring it is running at its optimal performance level. Part of this routine is checking the refrigerant pressures as a part of the system operation. If the pressures are lower than they should be, this means your system has a leak in the refrigerant cycle. Fixing the leak will prevent the refrigerant from continuing to leak and keep your AC system operating properly. Continually adding refrigerant and not fixing the leak could lead to premature failure of other important system components.

Temporary Fix Versus Lasting Repairs

Many companies will offer quick fixes to refrigerant leaks, including products that “stop” the leak. These products have been reported to work but are merely temporary solutions to the true problem. Permanently fixing the leak is the only way to stop the system from losing refrigerant. Whether the leak is at a connection or within the coil, fixing it properly will help ensure the longevity of your unit and proper operation.

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