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Why Is My Furnace Not Shutting Off in Schertz, TX?

Many homeowners have to deal with a furnace that refuses to turn on in the middle of winter, but the opposite situation can be just as problematic. A constantly running furnace may put undue stress on your heating system and will probably send your heating bills through the roof. Here is some information about why possible reasons why your home’s furnace is not shutting off.

Thermostat Issues

The first possible explanation for why your furnace isn’t shutting off may not have anything directly to do with your furnace. Your thermostat is responsible for issuing commands to your furnace to turn on and off, so the true source of trouble may be the thermostat.

A wiring issue may prevent your thermostat from sending the proper commands. The problems could also be that the sensors may have become faulty, leading them to misread the temperatures in your home and send commands based on false data.

Another possibility is that your thermostat works normally, but you’ve set too high a temperature on it. If the settings all appear normal, call for professional intervention.

Dirty Filters

Having dirty filters will not only harm your indoor air quality but will also hamper airflow through your system. That, in turn, will mean that your furnace won’t be able to heat your home as effectively. This may lead your furnace to stay on longer—perhaps even permanently.

To prevent this, remember to change your filters at least once every three months. If you have pets, you’ll want to change them more often.

A Faulty Blower

Even if your furnace can produce hot air, without a functioning blower motor, it won’t be able to distribute air through your home. Your furnace may be running continuously, even if your blower is malfunctioning. You will need to have a professional replace it.

A furnace that won’t turn off is just as much of a problem as one that won’t turn on. For help dealing with this issue, call Legacy Home Services in Schertz, TX and ask for our furnace repair services.

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