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3 Noises That Mean Your Ductless System Needs Help in Santa Clara, TX

Ductless mini-splits typically emit less noise than ducted central HVAC systems. Therefore, if the mini-split in your Santa Clara, TX home starts making weird noises, you can be sure something is wrong. Here are three specific noises that signal your ductless system may need some help.

1. Hissing or Bubbling

Hissing and bubbling noises mean that refrigerant is leaking out of your mini-split and there is probably some damage to its refrigerant lines. Specifically, hissing happens because gaseous refrigerant leaves the system, and bubbling happens because air bubbles flow in to displace it.

2. Buzzing

Buzzing sounds may come from a variety of sources. First, there might be electrical issues with your system’s compressor, which are important for a technician to repair as quickly as possible. Not only does this problem expose you to a risk of electrocution, but it will also make your energy bills unnecessarily high.

Other possible explanations for this noise include a dirty condenser coil and faulty fan motors. Also, if some parts in your system, like a few nuts or fan blades, come loose, they may begin rattling around and create a buzzing noise. This is only one of many reasons why regular maintenance on your system is so critical.

3. Swooshing

A sudden swooshing noise may seem alarming, but it’s usually no cause for concern. The most common reason for the sudden arrival of this sound is that your system is in defrost mode. If any ice has built up in your system, it will have to switch to defrost mode temporarily to melt that ice, producing a swooshing noise.

You may also begin hearing swooshing noises as a result of malfunctioning valves, faulty control system, or a low refrigerant level. These issues will all require repairs.

Once your ductless system begins making unusual noises, it should be professionally inspected. If you live around Santa Clara, TX, call Legacy Home Services and schedule your ductless HVAC repair services today.

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