1. Are You Experiencing An AC Emergency?

    During these hot and humid summer months, you’ll want to ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly and efficiently all season long. But sometimes, you might experience an AC failure of some kind. This can be a stressful situation, but is it really an AC emergency? Legacy Services has been serving New Braunfels for more than 30 years and in that time we’ve helped repair hundreds of thousan…Read More

  2. Common AC Unit Problems, Pt. 3

    When things are getting heated, you can rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool. New Braunfels is in the middle of the summer, and that means it’s at its peak of humidity and heat. Since you are running your AC more frequently to beat the heat this summer, you might be experiencing more problems than you do in other seasons. In the last two blogs, we’ve covered a whole host of problems t…Read More

  3. Common AC Unit Problems, Pt. 2

    It’s the dog days of summer, and here in New Braunfels, we’re cranking up the air conditioning to cool ourselves down. Yes, in our hot and humid homes, having an AC unit is one luxury we can’t afford to do without. Since they are used so frequently in these summer months, our air conditioners are more prone to breaking and experiencing other problems. Fortunately, our AC and heating repair e…Read More

  4. Common AC Unit Problems

    With summer in full swing, it is getting hot and humid here in New Braunfels. Many homes are running their air conditioning units more frequently and for longer periods throughout the day now. With this extra use, many AC units are now experiencing stressors they were not put under during winter and spring. This can lead to a myriad of problems and issues that you’ll need to call an AC and heati…Read More

  5. Why Does Your Air Filter Get Dirty So Quickly?

    Hello, readers, and welcome back to our blog. If you’re wondering why your air filter gets dirty so quickly, in today’s blog we’ll be exploring some of the potential causes that may be contributing to your dirty or clogged air filter. As air filters become clogged, it impacts the regular air flow and efficiency of your HVAC system. At Legacy Air Conditioning & Heating here in New Braunf…Read More

  6. Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

    In our last few blogs, we explained the importance of becoming familiar with your air conditioner’s key components and functions, as well as the steps you can take to prepare your air conditioner for the blazing hot summer months. Today, we’ll be discussing the warning signs telling you it might be time for a repair. Here in New Braunfels, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to…Read More

  7. Prep Your Air Conditioner for Summer

    As the temperatures here in New Braunfels heat up now that summer’s here, we at Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning want to help you stay cool and comfortable all summer long. The best way to stay cool is by ensuring that your central air conditioning system is prepped and ready for summer. We have compiled a few tips to help you prepare your air conditioning system to make sure that it’s able…Read More

  8. Know Your Air Conditioning System

    It’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of your central air conditioning unit. Having a general understanding of an air conditioning system’s main components can not only help you understand its function, but can also help you identify when your air conditioning unit needs attention this summer. That’s why we at Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning composed an outline of the basic feat…Read More

  9. Heat Pump or Forced Air Conditioning?

    When someone has a problem with their cooling, it isn’t uncommon of them to think about swapping to or from a heat pump or forced air conditioner. Today, we’ll cover a bit of the whens and whys of heat pump installation versus air conditioner repair and more! Deciding On Cooling Your Home There are a number of reasons as to why someone may want to stay away from one type of home cooling or the…Read More

  10. SEER Score & New Braunfels Utilities® Rebates

    If you’re considering an air conditioning or heat pump upgrade for your home or business, now is the time. In addition to the quoted price, promotions, and affordable rates available at Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning, you can take advantage of rebates on certain air conditioner and heat pump installations through New Braunfels Utilities®. Understanding SEER Scores on AC and Heat Pumps The …Read More