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Why Is My Ductless AC Not Cooling Properly in Spring Branch, TX?

April 17, 2021

When your ductless AC system becomes unable to cool your home, professional maintenance is crucial. Typically, poor cooling starts as a minor HVAC problem and gradually becomes severe over time. Here are four common culprits behind insufficient ductless AC cooling in your Spring Branch, TX house.

Compressor Problems

The HVAC compressor is an outdoor component that creates sufficient pressure to allow the refrigerant’s sustainable flow. Compressor issues significantly minimize the refrigerant pressure, obstructing proper cooling. Additionally, your ductless system might circulate warm air instead of cool air.

Repairing compressor problems requires a highly trained ductless system technician. Moreover, routine preventive maintenance services identify and ward off future compressor issues.

Leaking Refrigerant

Similar to other HVAC systems, ductless AC systems are also susceptible to refrigerant leaks. Essentially, your ductless AC system requires a certain refrigerant level for efficient running. When a leak occurs, the refrigerant amount goes down, affecting your house’s indoor cooling.

Low HVAC refrigerant levels also cause freezing on the evaporator coils. Routine inspections are essential to spotting refrigerant leaks while still in the early stages.

Reversing Valve Issues

This problem is common for ductless AC systems that come with a heat pump. Essentially, the reversing valve allows an opposite flow of the refrigerant to enable cooling or heating.

Improper functioning of the reversing valve affects your space’s cooling. Moreover, if the valve becomes stuck, the ductless AC system can’t sustain your cooling needs. Leaks within the reversing valve also call for prompt repair.

Condensate Drain Line Clogs

The ductless system’s drain line gradually gathers debris along its internal surface. The air conditioning efficiency declines as the diameter of the condensate drain line gets narrower. Routine maintenance clears dirt and unwanted objects from the refrigerant and condensate drain lines.

Contact Legacy Services Air Conditioning & Heating for ductless AC installation and repairs this spring. Our expert technicians will help to restore proper cooling and air conditioning.

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