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With temperatures climbing into the 90s this week, it’s easy to recognize that we are in the midst of summer here in Santa Clara. So when things are heating up, it’s time to cool down by turning on your air conditioner. If you’re like most Texans, then you likely run your air conditioner throughout the year. That makes it important to keep it running at peak performance with regular maintenance and repair. But if your AC unit isn’t in need of a full-blown repair, an AC tuneup might suffice instead. Not sure of the difference between an AC tune-up and repair? Let Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services walk you through a typical AC tuneup.

What Is Involved in an AC Tuneup

Much like a tuneup for your car, getting a quick check on your air conditioner is a great way to avoid breakdowns, improve efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. When one of our specialists visits your home in Santa Clara to perform an AC tune-up, she will look for the following and complete these tasks:

  • Your thermostat will be fully calibrated to ensure it’s working properly.
  • We’ll take a look at your coolant levels to ensure your AC is operating appropriately.
  • If needed, we’ll lubricate any moving parts to limit wear and tear on your unit.
  • Your condenser coils will be thoroughly cleaned to increase the efficiency of your conditioner.
  • A close inspection of your ductwork can identify opportunities for energy loss.
  • The performance of your blower motor and blower belt will be measured.
  • Finally, we’ll look at and tighten all of your electrical connections.

This might not seem like a lot of work, but it can go a long way in preventing your air conditioner from breaking down at inopportune times, preventing you from experiencing an air conditioning emergency.

Do You Really Need an AC Tuneup?

It’s not uncommon for our clients to ask us whether they really need an AC tuneup every year or not. Of course, our technicians will always say “yes,” but it’s not just because we’re looking to make more money. In fact, it’s because we’re looking to help you save money.

Air conditioners are cheap, and given that most air-conditioners can last from 15 to 20 years, they are major investments. Paying the relatively low cost of regular AC tuneups is a great way to extend the service life of your air conditioner. Not only that but because of the climate and temperature of Santa Clara, most air-conditioners are run day in and day out. The tuneup can prevent costly and potentially dangerous breakdowns, ensuring that your family stays cool, comfortable, and safe all year long. Finally, energy costs are on the rise. By ensuring that your air conditioner is working as it should, you can limit the size of your energy bills every month.

What are the Advantages of an AC Tuneup?

In addition to ensuring that your air conditioner runs smoothly and keeping your energy bills low, frequent air conditioning tune-ups are a great way to dress small problems before they become expensive issues. For instance, clogged ductwork can mean that your air conditioner works harder to keep your house cooler. Over time, this can lead to broken components within your air conditioning unit. Eventually, these issues add up to cost far more than many years worth of annual tune-ups.

When scheduled annually, you can make an AC tuneup a regular part of your home-owning duties. It’s a great way to get the most out of your air conditioner, and in some cases, if you want to maintain the warranty on your unit, the manufacturer will require that you have frequent tune-ups performed on the air conditioner.

Are Tuneups the Same as Inspections?

A quick search for “AC tuneup in Santa Clara” or “AC inspection Santa Clara” will likely yield different pages and different results. That said, these are really just two different terms for the same process. Both an AC inspection or an AC tuneup will ensure that your air conditioner is working at peak performance and will address any issues before they get worse.


In need of air conditioning repair services in Santa Clara? Then call Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services today.

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