What Can You Expect out of a Fall HVAC Maintenance Visit?

Heating maintenance isn’t something that residents of Schertz, TX, should overlook or underestimate. After a fall tune-up, you can have a smooth, energy-efficient system, healthier air and perhaps even lower utility bills each month. Read on to learn how.

Comprehensive Cleaning

While homeowners should be replacing their furnace or heat pump filters on a regular basis, a maintenance technician can handle this task, too. Technicians can clean other components in furnaces, like the flame sensor in a gas furnace. A dirty, corroded flame sensor may not detect when the pilot flame has gone out and may allow gas to leak out.

Checking for Faulty Components

Maintenance technicians won’t be simply looking for dirt and rust; they may tighten electrical connections, lubricate the motor, look for cracks in the heat exchanger and calibrate the thermostat. Faulty components can become a health and safety hazard. Loose wiring causes fires, lack of lubrication causes overheating, cracks in the heat exchanger leak out gas and thermostats read the temperature inaccurately without calibration.

Short- and Long-Term Savings

Naturally, every ducted or ductless heating system will need repairs at some point in time, but with maintenance, you can expect those situations to be few and far between. In fact, a well-maintained system can last 15 to 20 years.

You can also experience more immediate benefits, starting with energy savings between 5% and 40% (depending on the type of system you own). By removing anything that hinders the generation and transfer of heat, tune-ups prevent a system from running excessively long, which means lower energy bills. By cleaning the system, maintenance technicians can reduce dust that is pushed around by forced air ducts as well.

For maintenance in Schertz, TX, call Legacy Home Services today. Investing in our Peace of Mind Protection Plan will keep your system in excellent condition.

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