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Should I DIY My AC Repair? 3 Signs Your System Needs an AC Repair

July 25, 2020

When your home’s air conditioner isn’t working properly, it might be tempting to consult the internet and try a DIY AC repair. Although many other types of minor home repairs are simple enough for a DIYer to do, AC repairs are best left to an experienced and licensed technician. Read on to learn about some signs you’ll need a professional AC repair and why you shouldn’t attempt the repairs yourself.

Damage to the Environment

Warm air blowing from your home’s vents isn’t what you want during a summer heatwave. A possible cause is low refrigerant. According to the Department of Energy, only a qualified technician should check refrigerant levels. The chemical refrigerant is a hazardous material. Trying to empty it yourself could cause air and ground pollution. As your local air conditioning contractors, we check the refrigerant level leaks, find the problem and fix it.

Worse Air Conditioner Damage

Trying to repair your air conditioning system could cause worse damage than you start with. Taking the system apart with the wrong tools could cause loose ducts or broken seals. You could also end up causing damage to the evaporator coils, condenser coils, fins, motor or fan. All of these parts are expensive to replace if you inadvertently damage them.


On a hot summer afternoon, you might be tempted to fix a faulty thermostat, anticipator or capacitor yourself. Attempting to repair or replace the air conditioning system’s wiring, sensors or electrical components could cause electrical burns and similar injuries. Air conditioner fans, fins and coils are sharp, and you could injure yourself when trying to take them apart. These are not DIY repairs, and only a professional should troubleshoot and any mechanical or electrical air conditioning problems.

To learn more about the signs of air conditioning problems, check out our AC repair services, or call us today for additional information.

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