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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read the newest blog from Legacy Heating And Air Conditioning Services. Where we usually spend time sharing helpful information you can use to better utilize your HVAC system in New Braunfels, today we’re going to switch it up!

In this blog, we’re going to spend some time talking about what we’ve been doing — redefining what it means to provide HVAC services in New Braunfels. Keep reading to learn more!


When we began our services in New Braunfels, we quickly realized that our community was in severe need of a trustworthy, reliable, and transparent HVAC provider. All too often, no matter where you turn, you’ll find HVAC companies who don’t hold these values.

Why? While the answer is sad and frustrating, it’s true — just about everyone utilizes some level of an HVAC system. That being said, HVAC is complicated, specialized work. Thus, the average person doesn’t know the ins and outs of their machine. Because of this, it’s easy for HVAC companies to take advantage of an uninformed consumer base by overcharging for work, conducting unnecessary work, or simply by providing misinformation to squeeze more money out of their customers.

Instead of sending expert technicians, some HVAC servicers send salesmen to your door when you call for help. They won’t be focused on finding a solution for the predicament you’re in, they’ll be focused on selling you things you probably don’t need. To sum it all up, there are far too many HVAC providers who know how to say all of the right things, but can’t back it up when it’s time to provide quality HVAC services for a reasonable price.


If you haven’t been able to tell by now, we get extremely frustrated that this is a reality in the HVAC world. That’s why we’re constantly working tirelessly to change the narrative and create a community-minded HVAC company that has the best interests of you, our customers, in mind.

It all starts with our HVAC team. For one, we’re all locals. We live in and know this community, and we care about our neighbors. While this may seem like a small thing, it truly makes all of the difference. We know the people we work with, we care about their wellbeing, and we want them to be satisfied with the work we provide for them.

To speak further on the team, we also have the most expertly trained, knowledgeable, and personable HVAC providers. When a Legacy Heating And Air Conditioning Services technician comes to work on your HVAC system, you can rest assured that any questions you have will be answered, and you can take comfort knowing that you’re getting the best HVAC services in Texas.

We’ll spend time discussing and learning to understand the heating and cooling issues that you’re facing, and then we’ll fix your problems! From HVAC repair to HVAC replacement to new HVAC installation, we’ll make sure your HVAC system is operating smoothly and effectively. And once we’re gone, you’ll just feel like some friends stopped by to help you out!


Now that we understand the vision of what we’re dissatisfied with in the HVAC industry, let’s focus on the positive — what we do the best and differently. To summarize it, it all comes down to the values we hold dear: integrity, honor, reliability, and service. Each time we take on an HVAC job, we put integrity at the forefront.

Our Values

We stay honest and transparent about the work we do. If we misquote a situation, we’re going to be honest, explain the revised quote, and work with you to make sure the HVAC services can be completed. If we come in anticipating an HVAC replacement job, but upon closer inspection, we realize you’re just in need of a simple repair, we’ll let you know! Again, we want to be the trusted HVAC provider in New Braunfels, and we’re going to constantly show that through the way we conduct business.

In addition to integrity, we approach our work with honor. We honor your time, your money, and your home. We honor the HVAC trade, and we strive to provide the most excellent services and expertise you can find. And we honor the community we love so much — we’d never want to sully our reputation within New Braunfels, and we don’t plan to.

Next, reliability is integral to our operation. You rely on your HVAC system, and you should be able to rely on your HVAC servicer! You can rely on us to give you expedient, thorough, and quality HVAC work. You can rely on us to shoot straight and tell you the truth when you work with us. And you can rely on us to save the day in the event that you’re dealing with an HVAC disaster.

Finally, we’re dedicated to service. We provide a needed service and we recognize it. We’re committed to serving you the expertise we’ve gained over combined decades of experience. Additionally, we recognize that you’re providing a service to us by choosing to be our customer. So all of the way around, we constantly push to be service minded with our work.

Your Top Rated Local® HVAC Service Provider

Another way we make a difference is by being transparent about our reputation and the services we’ve provided in the past. For one, feel free to check out our client reviews left on our website. But going further, we’re New Braunfels’ Top Rated Local® HVAC service provider. This means that you can check out our Top Rated Local® account, and see all of our reviews across all platforms. From Google to Facebook to Angie’s List and more, you can see what people are saying about our business!

But since you’re here, we’ll give you the general rundown. Our overall Top Rated Local® Rating Score™ is 100, we average 4.91 out of 5 stars over all review platforms, and we’ve achieved the honor of Top Rated Local®’s number one heating and AC service provider in Texas!

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we just figured we should mention that the reviews speak for themselves!

Services Geared To Help You

Obviously, we offer the general HVAC services you expect from any HVAC service provider: HVAC repair, replacement, and installation. But, in addition to the standard HVAC services, we’ve added some services and features that are designed to help you save money and take care of your HVAC system.

First off, we proudly offer you free, no-hassle HVAC quotes. Simply fill out our free estimate form, and we’ll get back to you with either more questions about your situation, or with a great quote you can use to compare with other providers in the area. Again, we’re committed to proving ourselves to you!

Next, we guarantee all of our work. We can put a 100% guarantee on any HVAC work we do for you, and if it doesn’t live up to that guarantee, we’ll take full responsibility. On top of that, you can trust that we’ll provide you with prompt but expert services. Once we leave, you can trust that you won’t have to worry about a faulty HVAC system!

Finally, we’re licensed and insured, have local owners, and are able to boast over 30 years of HVAC experience. What’s more? We don’t have any commission-based salespeople on our team, so you don’t have to worry about getting hounded and pushed to buy something you don’t need.

In addition to the character of the services we provide, we provide some unique services that can help improve your HVAC system’s life and quality.

Peace Of Mind Protection Plan

One of our most popular services is our Peace Of Mind Protection Plan service. This service consists of a bi-yearly HVAC system checkup in the Spring and Fall to ensure that everything is in working order. And if everything isn’t in working order during one of these peace of mind check ups? We have special offers for part replacements and HVAC system replacements for members of our Peace Of Mind Protection Plan. Interested in learning more? Check out our page on the special plan!

Customer Resources

In addition to our unique Peace Of Mind Protection plan, we’ve worked hard to provide an extensive pool of HVAC resources so you can learn important information, tips and tricks, and more!

Follow the links below to check out our resources:

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  • Is It Time To Replace Your HVAC System?
  • HVAC Service Financing Options
  • Indoor Air Quality Information
  • Special HVAC Offers


Hopefully this blog has given you insight as to why Legacy Heating And Air Conditioning Services should be your first choice when you need “hvac repair near me,” or whatever you’re googling to find the right HVAC servicer!

When people ask why we’re successful, it’s not because we dialed in on the perfect branding or have the biggest marketing reach — instead it’s because we’re dedicated to our community and our craft, and we think it shows.

If you’re in need of HVAC services, submit a request for a free, no-hassle estimate. And if you have any questions about our business or the services we provide, contact us today!

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