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How to Cut Down on Your Commercial HVAC Costs

April 5, 2020

Do you want to boost your bottom line? Reducing HVAC expenses can make it happen. Here are three proven strategies to improve the indoor comfort in your Santa Clara, Texas, business while cutting commercial HVAC costs:

Commit to Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Seasonal tune-ups are HVAC insurance. Preventive commercial maintenance can cut equipment repairs by up to 95 percent. It can slash utility bills by up to 40%. It can reduce the frequency of new HVAC installations by eliminating equipment wear and tear caused by a dirty system. A clean system keeps indoor air healthier and helps your HVAC to operate safely.

Keep HVAC Filters Clean

Filters protect HVAC systems from airborne dust and dirt. With a clogged filter, these particles can quickly work their way into high-tech HVAC equipment and jam up the works. Treated air can be pushed through a grungy filter multiple times per day. The air then distributes the grunge throughout your commercial space. A dirty filter can cause outlandishly high utility bills and chop 10 years from your system’s life expectancy. Just keeping filters clean can save you up to 15 percent on utility bills.

Consider a New Commercial HVAC Installation

Always try to replace an aging or ailing HVAC system before it dies a natural death. You don’t want your equipment calling it quits while you’re open for business. A planned upgrade allows you to gather all the information you need to get the right system at a fair price.

Today’s HVAC can be up to three times more efficient than systems of ten years ago. An energy-efficient upgrade will lower utility bills from the start. A good HVAC contractor can reduce your installation costs substantially. Manufacturers’ rebates, high-efficiency system incentives and dealer specials can all reduce your purchase price.

Legacy Services Air Conditioning & Heating offers a variety of value-added commercial maintenance plans. Call us today to learn more.

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