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Get Your Home Ready for a New HVAC Installation in Cibolo, TX

As fall approaches, many Cibolo TX, homeowners are getting ready to install new HVAC systems. If you’re one of them, you can do a few things to prepare your home for the installation process.

Clear the Room

When getting your home ready for a new HVAC installation, remember to clear all furniture and other obstructions from the room. This will make it easier for the installation team to move around and set up the new equipment. It will also help avoid any accidents or damage to your belongings.

On top of clearing the indoors, you also need to trim any foliage outside the work area. This will give the installers plenty of room to work and avoid any issues with the new equipment. Preparing your home ahead of time can help the installation process go smoothly.

Get a Properly Sized System

Your HVAC needs to be the right size for your home and to determine that size, you’ll need to know how much heating and cooling your home requires. When you know the heating/cooling loads, you can select an HVAC system that will be able to heat and cool your home efficiently.

Regarding price, it’s important to balance quality against cost. To do this, you’ll need to consider the furnace’s AFUE rating, the condenser’s SEER rating, and the unit’s noise level. Choosing a unit with a higher AFUE rating will help to improve energy efficiency, while a higher SEER rating will help to reduce operating costs.

Inspect your Existing Ductwork

Before furnace installation, it is essential to have any existing ductwork inspected for damage or leaks. Damaged or leaky ductwork can cause problems with the efficiency of the furnace and can also lead to moisture problems in the home.

The installation can proceed if the ductwork is in good condition. If leaks or damage occur, you need to get an expert who will replace or repair your ductwork before any installations.

Seal Any Cracks or Holes in the Walls

Sealing any cracks or holes in the walls or floor is essential in preparing your home for HVAC installation. Doing so can help keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.

Some good ways to seal cracks and holes are caulk or insulation foam. These materials can help prevent air leakage, which is an issue, as it may cause drafts and higher energy bills. In addition, sealing cracks and holes can also help improve the indoor air quality in your home by reducing the amount of dust, pollen, and other allergens that can enter through them.

Keep Safe Your Children and Pets

If you have children and pets, it is essential to make arrangements for them when the HVAC installation crew is working in your home. The installation process can be loud and disruptive, so it is best to have a plan to keep your little ones and furry friends out of the way.

If possible, consider sending them to stay with relatives or friends for a day or two or arranging for a babysitter or pet sitter to keep them company. Making these arrangements will minimize disruption to your daily routine and ensure that your children and pets are safe and comfortable during installation.

In conclusion, prepping your home for HVAC installation in Cibolo, TX is essential to ensure a smooth process and minimize disruptions. By taking the time to clear out the area where the unit will be installed and moving any fragile items out of the way, you can make sure that your HVAC installation goes off without a hitch. For more information or to schedule an appointment for installation, contact Legacy Home Serviced today.

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