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In a recent blog post, we outlined some of the advantages of using a window air conditioner. Their small size and the equally small price tag makes them a great choice for budget and energy-conscious homeowners. But like all air conditioners, your window AC will eventually face some challenges and problems. As Santa Clara’s first choice for AC services, Legacy Air Conditioning and Heating has dealt with all of these common problems and more. Check out this quick guide to these issues, then give us a call!

Your Air Conditioner Is Cycling Too Frequently

Throughout the day, your air conditioner will turn on and off a process that’s called cycling. When functioning normally, your air conditioner will turn on when the temperature rises too high and then cycle until the temperature has dropped to the preferred setting, then turn off. However, in some cases, the cycling process can happen too frequently. This constant on-off cycle of your conditioner can be caused by two problems.

First, it could be a thermostat or temperature sensor that is broken. Take a look at your thermostat or temperature sensor to make sure that everything looks right and is positioned properly. He could also remove any obstruction from the path of the thermostat. This includes things like lamps, couches, and curtains. The other issue could be that the condenser coils of your air conditioner are being blocked somehow. If possible, inspected the outside of the unit. There may be debris like dust, branches, or leaves that are blocking the condenser coils.

Your Air Conditioner Is Emitting a Strong Odor

Because your air conditioner heats up and cools off throughout the day, moisture begins to collect on components like your condenser coils in your drain pan. The moisture itself can lead to strange smells but there other issues that could also cause an odor from your window AC. For instance, your window AC may be developing mold on the inside. The condenser coils are a prime spot for the development of mildew and mold because of all the condensed moisture. To ensure that your window AC is free from odors, simply change your air conditioner filter regularly and clean the interior of the unit if possible.

This might seem like a dramatic issue but it’s actually a rather simple one to address and fix. As your unit cools the air, moisture will begin to collect on the condenser coils. At the base of your AC unit, is a drain pan that collects any loose moisture. When water begins to drip from the front of your window AC, it is simply a problem with how your unit is mounted in the window itself.

Typically, you want your window AC to be mounted at a slight angle toward the back of the unit. This allows the moisture to collect on the drain pan and flow to the back of the unit and out through the drain pipe. If the unit is tipped forward into your home, water will pool and drain at the front of the AC. A simple adjustment of the position of your window AC is all it takes to remedy this issue.

Your Refrigerant Levels Are Low

A leaky air conditioner is perhaps the leading cause of low refrigerant levels. With time, the refrigerant in your unit will drain out with the excess moisture this produced. To solve this issue, you’ll need to call one of our AC service technicians to repair it for you. Another cause of low refrigerant levels could be that your unit was installed without an adequate amount. In this case, you’ll need to look at your owners manual and figure out how much refrigerant you’ll need for your window air conditioner. It’s important to add just enough refrigerant to your AC, as too much can cause other problems.


Is your air conditioning unit suffering from any of the problems listed above? That it’s time to call us. We can repair your window air conditioner quickly and easily thanks to our expert knowledge and skills. Connect with Legacy Services Air Conditioning and Heating today to find out more.

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