Benefits of an Extended Labor Warranty

Many people grew up or were told that “extended warranties” are a scam. You go to the store to purchase a new TV and they offer you an extended warranty for a few years. They come with new computers, and some companies even sell them on basic “disposable” products we purchase.

I was recently shopping for a Fire TV Stick and was offered a 2-year protection plan for $3.99! These warranties are offered everywhere! But not all warranties are the same.

What is an extended labor warranty?

As the leading New Braunfels Air Conditioning company, we offer extended labor warranties with all our new Trane HVAC system replacements.

First, what an extended labor warranty isn’t. This warranty is not a contract with a “home warranty” company. Some homeowners have great experiences with home warranty companies, but most customers we hear from have had terrible experiences such as 1-4 weeks just to have the service call, terrible customer service, and repairs not done at the time of service or urgently – those are just the highlights. We don’t wish those experiences on anyone!

An extended labor warranty through Legacy Home Services is a Premium Protection Plan™ offered and backed by JB Warranties, a Texas-based A+ rated insurance underwriter. Upon purchase of this warranty, the homeowner is contracted for coverage through JB Warranties, with Legacy Home Services as the registered contractor. The Premium Protection Plan™ covers all labor warranty costs on the HVAC system.

Legacy Home Services offers a variety of extended labor coverage periods, including, 2-year, 3-year, 5-year, and our most popular 10-year.

How does the extended labor warranty work?

Should your air conditioner break during the coverage period, the process is extremely simple:

  1. Call Legacy Home Services, the New Braunfels Air Conditioning company of choice, to schedule your service call for diagnosis of the problem.
  2. One of our professional, friendly technicians will arrive and diagnose the issue. If the repair can be performed immediately with labor or a stock part(s), the repair will be performed, and you’ll be back to the comfort you deserve! If the repair cannot be fixed at the time of diagnosis, the part(s) needing repair will be ordered from the manufacturer. You’ll be in communication with the all-star customer service team throughout the waiting period and quickly scheduled once the part is received. Then the repair will be completed.
  3. Because of your ownership of the Premium Protection Plan™, there are no out-of-pocket expenses! The service call fee and all labor are covered by the plan. And as long as your equipment was registered with the manufacturer for the 10-year part warranty (you are the registered owner of the equipment), the part is covered under warranty too!
  4. Sit back, enjoy the comfort of your air conditioner, and enjoy keeping your money in your pocket!

Air conditioner repair in New Braunfels TX shouldn’t be a significant cost of HVAC ownership if managed through an extended labor warranty plan. Below is a quick chart comparison of how a labor warranty can save you money!

Labor Warranty Coverage vs. No Labor Warranty Coverage Expenses

  Labor Warranty- Labor Cost No warranty (approx. labor cost)
Service Call Covered Not Covered ($79+)
Basic Components Covered Not Covered ($100 – $500)
Major Components Covered Not Covered ($1,200 – $4,000)
Refrigerant Covered Not Covered ($100 per pound)
Out of pocket on any visit Priceless $179 – $5,000 per repair


What are the terms and conditions?

There are a few points to cover as far as what could deny coverage. Here are some important facts to keep in mind:

  • Maintenance Requirement – the homeowner must maintain the equipment in accordance with the service requirements set forth by the manufacturer to keep Your Service Agreement in force. Evidence of proper service, when required by Administrator (JB Warranties), must be submitted in the event of a claim. Failure to maintain the product by following the manufacturer’s instructions may result in denial of coverage under this Agreement.

    Explanation – the homeowner needs to keep their HVAC unit under a maintenance contract with Legacy Home Services. In the event of a claim, JB Warranties may require Legacy Home Services to submit proof of maintenance service on the unit to provide labor coverage. Without valid proof, the labor warranty is void and the homeowner will owe for labor. The manufacturer can require the same proof of maintenance for part warranties as well and cancel part warranty coverage if maintenance hasn’t been performed regularly. In summary, keep a maintenance contract on your unit. Not only does it help keep it working properly and extend its lifespan, but it keeps warranties intact.

  • Exterior components not covered – drain lines, disconnect breakers, external pumps, ductwork, filters, electrical – high or low voltage – external of equipment.

    Explanation – any component of the HVAC system external to the condenser, air handler/furnace/coil, or thermostat is not covered. Drain lines (piping or clogs), breakers, condensate pumps, duct work, filter casing and filters, electrical wiring, and components. These are accessories outside of the equipment that cannot be registered for a 10-year manufacturer warranty, so extended labor coverage is not applicable.

  • Shipping and handling on parts/ Dirty Sock Syndrome or odors – shipping and handling on any warranty parts are not covered and paid for by the homeowner. If there are any odors or Dirty Sock Syndrome, those service calls are not covered either.


We highly recommend homeowners considering air conditioning replacement in New Braunfels TX to purchase an extended labor warranty to cover out-of-pocket expenses for 10 years. With standard HVAC equipment lifespan to be between 10-15 years, this labor warranty will cover the labor costs for the first 10 years of part failures. Customers love them for the coverage provided on one of the largest investments made in your home that keeps you comfortable year-round.

For Air Conditioning Replacement in New Braunfels TX, give Legacy Home Services the opportunity to serve you. We thrive on serving our customers with fair prices and service with integrity. Call the top-rated New Braunfels Air Conditioning company to schedule a free estimate for HVAC replacement today!

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