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5 Reasons Your Furnace Is Short Cycling in Cibolo, TX

February 19, 2021

Winter months in Cibolo, TX, often tempt residents to use the furnaces at a maximum capacity. If it seems that the furnace is turning on for a short period and then turning off, you may need to call a professional for maintenance. Here are some of the main reasons for furnaces short Here are some of the reasons your furnace is short cycling:

1. Overheating

A furnace can overheat and short cycle due to the restricted airflow. A dirty air filter, blocked interior vent and obstruction in the roof exhaust can cause the furnace to overheat. In such conditions, ask for help from an HVAC technician who knows how to take care of the issue.

2. Malfunctioning Flame Sensor

A bad flame sensor can also cause short cycling if the sensor can’t detect the gas valve firing. In such instances, the flame sensor will not let the flame ignite because it assumes that the gas valve didn’t fire and raw gas is leaking.

3. Blocked Heat Grates

Homeowners often forget to clean the heat grate. These grates have dampers on them to control the airflow to a specific room. When something obstructs them, the hot air gets stuck inside the furnace and causes it to overheat. As a result, the furnace will keep turning on and off in short cycles.

4. Blocked Roof Vent

If something is blocking the exhaust flue, it will not only cause the furnace to short cycle, but it’ll also release carbon monoxide inside the house. You could find an animal nest or beehive blocking the exhaust vent on the roof.

5. Location of the Thermostat

If the thermostat is near a furnace or a utility closet, it’ll heat up before the rest of the house, and the thermostat will turn off prematurely. The cycle will repeat itself, which will cause the furnace to short cycle. You can solve this problem by moving the thermostat away from the heat source.

If your furnace is behaving oddly, call Legacy Home Services, or visit us online. Our company is a reputable and reliable service provider for furnace repairs in Cibolo, TX, and surrounding areas.

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