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5 Reasons You Need a Whole-Home Humidifier in San Antonio, TX

The temperatures in San Antonio, TX, can have some notable lows, especially in the winter months. Trying to keep up with the humidity levels in your home can be difficult, one room at a time. A whole-home humidifier, with the proper controls, can do the job automatically.

1. Balanced Moisture

The humidity in your home plays a large role in your family’s overall health. Air that is too dry can cause uncomfortable skin issues and increased coughing, and air that is too wet can allow bacteria to thrive. A whole-home humidifier maintains a perfect balance of moisture in your home.

2. Reduced Dust

Air that is too dry creates drier, lighter particulates in your air. These dry particles are more easily swept into the air by your forced air system and blown through your home. Air with the right amount of humidity binds the dust to water molecules and drops them out of the air.

3. Better Breathing

The correct level of humidity in your air aids in respiration and makes coughs more productive. Nasal passages allow more air to get through and your overall comfort level rises. Those suffering from breathing problems can benefit greatly from the balanced moisture in your air.

4. Longer Lasting Wood Fixtures

The wood in your home, be it furniture or flooring, reacts to the moisture in your air. If your air is too dry, the wood will dry out and age. Keeping your humidity at a proper level prevents your wood fixtures from getting brittle and needing early replacement.

5. Set and Forget

Modern whole-house humidifiers use sensors and smart thermostats to balance the moisture in your home. Advanced models actually inject steam directly into your ducting for the best possible result. Once you have a complete whole-house humidifier system installed, you won’t have to think about it again.

Call us at Legacy Home Services to get your new whole-house humidifier installed anywhere in the San Antonio, TX, area. Our highly trained technicians can help you decide which system best fits your needs.

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