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5 Reasons to Leave Electrical Repairs to the Pros in Kyle, TX

When you keep tripping your circuit breaker or have an outlet you need to replace, you may want to handle it yourself. However, DIY electrical work poses many hazards for you and your Kyle, TX home. Here are the top five reasons to leave electrical repairs to the pros.

1. Injury Risk

Even minor repairs can pose a relatively high risk of injury. You risk electrocuting yourself or suffering a shock that could require a trip to the hospital.

2. Fire Hazard

Any electrical work you attempt can create a potential fire hazard. If you don’t perform it correctly, you’re at risk of short circuits, arcing, and sparks. This can lead to a fire inside the walls that can spread throughout your home.

3. Home Value

If you plan to put your home on the market, DIY repairs can lower its value and lead to lower offers. Smart buyers pay for an electrical inspection or a full inspection that includes the electrical system. You may even need to hire a pro to fix any mistakes before the house sells.

4. Future Repairs

DIY electrical work is risky because you can make simple mistakes that require big and expensive repairs. Becoming a licensed electrician in Texas takes 8,000 hours of fieldwork under a master electrician as an apprentice. You can’t learn those skills by seeing a few videos or reading a few articles.

5. Insurance Claims

When your home suffers fire or electrical damage, having a homeowner’s insurance policy should pay to fix it. However, the insurance company will not pay if the company finds you caused the damage with shoddy work. An insurer can even require you to repay the money they paid out if they later discover that you were the source.

Never attempt any electrical repairs on your own, as your DIY efforts can lead to insurance problems, more extensive repairs, fires, and injuries while reducing your home’s value. Call Legacy Home Services at (830) 608-8000 for electrical services in Kyle, TX.

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