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Here in Marion, your air conditioner is your nearly year-round companion. Thanks to the warm Texas sunshine and heat, some choose to run their AC even through winter. This means that we here at Legacy AC and Heating keep busy nearly every day.

Some people are a little too willing to replace their air conditioner entirely at the first sign of an issue. In reality, air conditioner repair is a better option in most cases. Not convinced? Just trust us! Well, ok, a few benefits to repairing your air conditioner might help our case. Check it out.


Like your car, your motorcycle, or even you or your dog, your air conditioner needs a health check-up or a tune-up every now and then. Just like your car, your AC won’t last very long if you never take it in for an oil change. Regular repairs and maintenance keep your AC running at peak performance, meaning your home stays cooler longer. Plus, with regular maintenance, your AC won’t have to be replaced as often, meaning you’ll enjoy the same AC for its entire suggested lifespan of about 10-15 years.

Maintain the Energy Efficiency of the Unit

With time and use, the parts and assemblies of your AC begin to wear out and put pressure on other parts. Gradually, your air conditioner becomes less efficient as a result. This leads to increasing utility bills, more frequent repair appointments, and more expensive parts to replace. Preventative maintenance through regular repair ensures that you avoid an AC emergency at inconvenient times.

Keeping your AC working properly saves you time, money, and headache, all while ensuring that your home stays at a comfortable temperature all year long.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air in your home is affected by any number of factors. It’s influenced by things like smoking indoors, pet dander, how often you cook, and even the efficiency of your air conditioner. If you’re AC is clogged or the filters are full, your indoor air quality is going to suffer. By having your air conditioner repaired, you can more effectively remove and block these pollutants from your home. Plus, air conditioners help to limit the effects of humidity in your home, preventing the growth and spread of harmful molds.

Fewer Pests In the Home

Any time you open and close the doors to your home, you’re creating opportunities for pests to get into your home. Flies, gnats, moths, and wasps will take any chance they can to slip inside. The same can be said for windows. If you’re always leaving your doors and windows open to let cool air into your home, you’re also inviting in these unwelcome guests. Keeping your air conditioner in good repair is a great way to keep more of these pests out of your home. That means cleaner surfaces and fewer surprises.

You’ll Feel More Comfortable

It’s hard to put a price on your comfort, but we can almost guarantee that it’s worth more than the cost of an air conditioner repair bill. A properly functioning air conditioner keeps the temperature of your home at your preferred level and helps to treat the air, so you can always take deep, clean breaths.

Not only will you feel more physically comfortable, but you’ll also feel more financially comfortable. Replacing an air conditioner can be a costly endeavor, even if you are taking advantage of a special or financing options. Air conditioner repairs are a cost-effective way to maintain your investment for years to come.


So there you have. The only five benefits of repairing your AC. Okay, there are a few more than that, but we only had room for five in this blog.

A sixth and secret benefit to getting your air conditioner repaired is that you get to work with the friendly and talented technicians at Legacy AC and Heating Services! We’ve been proudly serving the Marion community for more than 30 years, keeping their HVAC systems in tip-top shape. Give us a call today to schedule your AC repair service.

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