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4 Signs You Need Air Duct Replacement in San Marcos, TX

October 19, 2020

When you need to repair or replace your HVAC system’s ductwork, you’ll notice several signs. Read on to learn if you need an air duct replacement in your San Marcos, TX home.

Noisy Hardware

An HVAC system has many moving parts that will produce noises during heating and cooling cycles. However, the sounds shouldn’t be extremely loud. If you hear whistling and other noises clearly throughout your home, the ducts are probably damaged.

A duct system has fiberglass or plastic joints. With a damaged joint, you’ll hear annoying sounds as air travels around the broken material.

Increased Energy Bills

All ducts have nooks and crannies from which air can escape, which is normal. If over 20% of the air that moves through the ducts escapes, the ducts will need an inspection.

Typically, if your energy bill spikes because the ducts have leaks, repairs could resolve the problem. However, if the ductwork has multiple holes and many cracks where air can escape, you may want to consider replacing it.

Temperature Inconsistencies

Every space in a home should reach the same temperature while an HVAC system is running. When some areas get hotter or colder than others, the ductwork has a problem.

If you think that your ducts are causing temperature inconsistencies, you can conduct a test with an indoor thermometer. When you have the readings, compare the highest temperature to the lowest one. If the difference is dramatic, you probably need new ducts.

Poor Air Quality

Dust appears in every home over time. However, large clusters of dust shouldn’t build up in a home consistently. When this happens, the source of the problem is usually a damaged duct.

The most common sign of poor air quality is sneezing. If you frequently sneeze when you run your unit, you’ll benefit from replacing the ductwork.

Whenever you discover any of these signs, you’ll need to take proper steps to protect your system and its ducts. If your ducts are in poor condition, contact Legacy Home Services, and request our indoor air quality service.

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