3 Considerations About New Commercial HVAC Systems in San Marcos, TX

The decision to buy a new commercial HVAC system is a major one, and business owners in San Marcos, TX should take it seriously. Here are three important considerations to mull over as you choose a new commercial HVAC system.

1. HVAC Load

First and foremost, you must be aware of your HVAC needs. Before installing a new system, a team of professionals should perform load calculations on your commercial property. They should assess the size of the building, the local climate, and your personal HVAC-related needs.

Failure to do this may saddle you with a commercial HVAC system that’s either too large or too small. The former will likely short cycle, and the latter may end up working 24/7. In either case, the system will be under avoidable and unnecessary stress, and your HVAC costs will go up.

Somewhat related to this is the issue of indoor air quality (IAQ). While thinking about these things, select a system with strong and reliable air filters. Allergies and respiratory discomfort can make it harder for people to concentrate, which won’t help either staff or customers.

2. Efficiency

Naturally, efficiency should be a paramount consideration. The more energy efficient your new commercial system is, the less you’ll have to pay for the heating or cooling that you desire. This fact alone can significantly reduce your total long-run business costs.

Of course, maintaining your system’s efficiency is also important. The best way to accomplish this is to schedule tune-ups once or twice per year.

3. Total Cost

The issue of cost is essential, but you should think about it holistically. Do not simply choose the least costly system because it is costs the least, for example. A sturdier or more efficient system may have higher up-front installation costs, but the longer lifespan and the resulting energy savings will more than make up for this on a long enough timeline.

Once you’ve thought through all of the relevant issues and decided what kind of system you want, the next step will be obvious. Call Legacy Home Services so that you may enjoy the best commercial HVAC services around San Marcos, TX.

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