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Did You Know These 8 Common HVAC Myths Are False?

There are many misconceptions surrounding HVAC systems in Spring Branch, TX. Some of these myths could lead to reduced system efficiency or even severe system damages. However, this article will help you understand the common HVAC myths and the truth behind them.

1. No Need for Regular Maintenance

Skipping regular maintenance usually leads to severe HVAC issues, including system breakdowns. Maintenance is a crucial aspect of maintaining an effective system as it helps determine and fix issues before they occur.

One of the most common HVAC myths is that you should only fix your system once the problem is evident. However, this should not be the case, as you should schedule regular maintenance at least once a year.

2. Bigger Is Better

One of the most common misconceptions about HVAC systems is that bigger sizes are better than smaller ones. While a bigger system might function well after installation, it will start short-cycling after some time. Additionally, if you purchase a large system for a small home, you will pay huge energy bills.

Once you consider installing an HVAC system for your home, be sure to contact a qualified technician. Our HVAC technician will help you estimate the correct system size for your home or commercial building. With a correct HVAC system, you will save on energy bills and run it optimally for a longer time.

3. Using Duct Tape for Duct Leaks

While the name might make you believe this myth, there is no truth behind it. Once you realize any duct leak within your place, contact our technicians to help you fix them using the required techniques. Generally, duct tapes don’t withstand heat and will melt down, leading to continued loss of energy.

4. Windows and Insulation Matter Than HVAC Equipment

Another myth about HVAC is about its equipment as compared to windows and insulation. However, all of them are essential in attaining the best results, especially during fall. A tight house with minimal energy leaks and an efficient working system is crucial in achieving desired temperature level.

5. HVAC System Increases Home Value

While this might be a potential truth, it’s not always the case. Most home inspectors might not be familiar with overall HVAC sophistication.

The general aspects that they might consider are the age and brand of your system. However, factors like whether variable-speed or single-stage might not count during the home valuation.

6. Thermostat Placement Does Not Matter

The location of your thermostat can make all the difference in your system operation. The following is true about the thermostat.

  • It should be on an interior wall
  • Placed away from windows
  • Installed away from direct sunlight or major kitchen appliances

For better results, the thermostat should be away from areas where the temperature might spike, causing the system to malfunction. Be sure to hire a qualified technician to help you install your thermostat in an ideal position for comfortable results.

7. High-Efficiency HVAC Systems Means Low Energy Bills

While this is technically true, saving on your energy bill largely depends on how long you run your HVAC system. Additionally, the HVAC system’s energy consumption depends on the set temperature levels.

Another factor that determines your energy bills is the age of your system. Modern HVAC systems tend to consume less energy than traditional systems. Ideally, efficiency is something you look to achieve, but it’s false that it can help you save energy bills.

8. No Need to Know Your HVAC Equipment

This might be true, especially when you have reliable HVAC technicians. However, they will experience a hard time going through your HVAC system to identify even minor issues. Learning about your HVAC equipment will help you explain any system issues to your technician with ease.

For more information about quality HVAC services, be sure to contact Legacy Home Services today. We can answer any questions you may have about HVAC myths and how HVAC systems work.

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