4 Heat Pump Problems To Look Out for This Summer in Schertz, TX

With spring already here and summer not far away, the heat pump in your Schertz, TX, home will need to be in peak condition to make sure that you can stay comfortable. That means that you’ll need to be especially alert to potential issues. Here are four heat pump problems that you’ll need to look out for this summer.

1. Won’t Turn On

Your heat pump is of absolutely no use if it can’t even turn on. If you happen to experience this issue, it will demand your immediate attention. Many different things might cause this problem, and you’ll almost certainly need an HVAC technician to examine your system before you can confidently narrow down the cause.

One possibility is that you have some sort of electrical problem. Perhaps there’s been damage to the wires that connect your heat pump to your home’s power supply, or it might be that your system has tripped your circuit breaker. In turn, each of these things has many causes that a professional should look into.

Another explanation might be some sort of malfunction in your thermostat. Perhaps it won’t issue the proper commands or won’t turn on at all because of its own wiring issues.

2. Not Expelling Cool Air

This may be the most frustrating of all summertime heat pump problems. When you discover that your system can’t generate cool air when you need it to, the fact that it can at least turn on isn’t much consolation.

Once again, there are a variety of possible causes for this strange behavior. One is a refrigerant leak, which will hinder your system’s ability to perform heat transfer. For a heat pump in cooling mode, that means no cool air.

It could also be that your heat pump’s reversing valve isn’t working. This is the component that controls the direction in which refrigerant moves as the heat pump switches between its heating and cooling modes. In this case, therefore, the system would be stuck in heating mode when you need it to be in cooling mode.

Yet another cause might be that your heat pump’s air filters have become so dirty and clogged that they have begun actively blocking the flow of air. Although the system may be able to generate cool air, it can’t actually circulate it into your home. A broken blower motor can have the same effect.

The key to dealing with air filter problems is to remember to change your filters about once every 60 to 90 days. The other difficulties, however, all demand professional intervention. HVAC technicians can resolve all of the issues we’ve listed here during either repairs or maintenance.

3. Not Turning Off

The opposite problem from the first one we mentioned is also a major concern. Heat pumps should go through cycles in which they turn on, cool your home to the temperature that you’ve programmed into your thermostat, turn off and then turn on again when they need to adjust the air another time.

Being on 24/7 is a sign of significant dysfunction. Perhaps refrigerant has leaked out, forcing your heat pump to work constantly to keep your home cool. Old air filters, dirty compressors and faulty thermostats can also cause this.

4. Weird Noises

Broken heat pumps sometimes let out noises that serve as signals of a malfunction. Each noise has a different meaning, so you’ll need technicians to investigate the situation. For example, hissing can indicate a refrigerant leak, loose fan blades often cause thumping noises and you might hear squealing if your system has a bad motor or belt.

The summer can throw some unique challenges at your heat pump, but keeping an eye out for these signals can help you catch issues early on. With a team of skilled HVAC technicians ready to help you, you’ll be in excellent shape. Just call Legacy Home Services and schedule heat pump repair service near Schertz, TX when you need assistance.

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