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Indoor Air Quality is one of the greatest concerns in our industry today.  As we build our homes tighter and more efficient, it traps in many of the molds, mildews, and germs that would generally be dissipated through normal infiltration of fresh air and sunlight.  We have many options to deal with this problem including EPA approved ultraviolet lights, Medical Grade air purifiers, HEPA media filters, and ERV fresh air systems.  If you suffer from airborne allergies, sickness, or general discomfort when breathing, we can help determine a solution for your problem.

Contact our office so we can set up air quality testing for your home with one of our qualified technicians today.

Air Duct


Residential air duct material is typically made up of fiberglass or other organic materials.  If you have had trouble with pests in the past, your ductwork may have mistaken for a tasty treat.  In the burning hot Texas summer, your attic can get up to 160 degrees to 200 degrees F.  This heat and humidity day after day can cause air ducts to deteriorate.

Our certified heating and cooling technicians are trained in inspecting your ductwork to make sure that it is being efficient; they can also offer solutions if it is not operating at 100%.  Remember that High Efficiency air conditioning equipment with inefficient, leaky ductwork is not actually an efficient system.  Let us help you save energy and be more comfortable by replacing old, worn out ducts.