As winter slowly crawls toward New Braunfels, residents all across our city will start to power up their heaters, ensuring that they have a warm and cozy space to retreat to after a chilly day. But while we all love the effect our heaters have on our homes, we are less than thrilled when we get our next utility bill. In order to keep your house warm without burning a hole in your wallet, Legacy AC and Heating is here to offer you some handy tips for lowering your heating bill this winter.

Bundle Up

Back in 1977, President Jimmy Carter took to the airwaves to tell Americans to put on a sweater to stay warm while also reducing your dependency on fossil fuels. While the oil crisis of the 1970s is long behind us, it’s still sound advice. You can save a pretty penny this winter by resisting the temptation to turn up your thermostat, and instead embracing the beauty of sweater weather. Pull on your favorite sweater and relax with a cup of hot coffee or tea inside for added coziness. Wear comfy and warm socks around the house. Merino wool socks are like little hugs for your feet, keeping them warm without being sweaty, and you won’t notice if your home is a little cooler than previous winters.

Find Ways To Generate Heat In Other Ways

The most obvious way to warm up your home is to crank up the thermostat, but you generate plenty of warmth in your home in less obvious ways. Don’t be afraid to channel your inner gourmand this winter and spend more time in the kitchen. Baking with the oven and using the stove to create new dishes helps to introduce ambient warmth into your home. After a long day working or after the gym, you can take a warm shower. You can keep the bathroom door open to allow the steam to waft out and heat rooms and halls nearby. You won’t need to turn the vent fan on since you’re allowing the steam to dissipate, and the fan would only dry the warm air out.

Invest In a Programmable Thermostat

Once a niche product that only a few people could afford, programmable thermostats have dropped in price dramatically in the last few years and can be had for anywhere from $30 to $100 now. These thermostats allow you to adjust the heat in your home according to a set schedule. So your home’s temperature might drop while you and your family are out at work or school, and then rise when you return that evening. While this investment might deter some, you’ll likely recoup those costs in lower utility bills.

The other way you can save money is to have your HVAC system inspected and repaired this year. As licensed HVAC service technicians with more than 30 years of experience, we can quickly and easily address any HVAC concerns that could be costing you this winter. Call us today to schedule your next HVAC inspection in New Braunfels!