Perhaps one of the reasons that people enjoy living in New Braunfels is because of the mild winters. Temperatures rarely drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and even if they do, it’s not for long. But even though the winters are mild, some still don’t fare well in the cold. But there’s more to staying warm this season than just firing up the heat pump or furnace. There are plenty of clever ways to keep your home warm in winter, and Legacy Services Heating and Air Conditioning are happy to share these tips with you!

Leave The Oven Door Open After Baking

Winter is the perfect time to practice your baking skills. Holiday treats, family dinners and more keep your oven running throughout the season. This is also a great opportunity to warm your home. When you’re done with the oven, turn it off, and then leave the door open. The leftover heat will filter out into the kitchen and keep the room warm. It’s a great way to warm your home on the cheap. Of course, you shouldn’t try this if you have young children in your home, elderly house guests who might trip on the door, or curious pets who might climb inside.

Check Your Roof’s Insulation

The insulation in your roof plays a major role in how much heat is retained in your home. You can run your furnace all day long, but if your roof insulation is thin, the warm air will radiate out of your home, resulting in a higher energy bill and a colder home. Insulation also keeps cold air from the outside from sneaking its way into your home.

Close The Curtains At Night

Temperatures drop quickly as soon as the sun sets. Keeping your curtains closed at night keeps warm air from leaching out of the windows and keeps the cold air from the outside from getting in. The glass panes in your window also get quite cold overnight, conducting the cold air into your home if they aren’t covered.

Put Decorations On Your Walls

Your walls can also carry heat in and out of your home. To keep cold air out and keep warm air in, consider decorating your walls with tapestries, pictures, artwork, and more. Even something as simple as a paper poster can help insulate your living spaces. This is especially important for homes with walls made from brick or stone.

Rearrange Your Furniture

While you might love having your couch up against the north wall of the living room, it might be right on top of your heating vents. The result is that the only thing in your home keeping warm this winter is the bottom of the sofa. Rearrange your furniture to ensure that no vents are covered or interrupted. This will help warm air to circulate around your home. Also, consider which walls you’re putting certain furniture pieces against. For instance, external walls will feel cooler than internal walls. So it’s best to put your couch against a wall that faces the interior of the house. This will let you enjoy the ambient heat from the center of the house every time you sit down.

Take A Hot, Steamy Shower

Sometimes, there’s nothing more relaxing than a nice hot shower, especially after a cold winter’s day. The next time you’re taking a hot shower, leave the door open. You’ll allow the steam to vent into the rest of the house, warming it slightly. As an added benefit, you’ll introduce some extra moisture into your home, which is important during the dry winter months. Finally, by showering with the door open, you’ll allow the moisture to dissipate from the bathroom, preventing the buildup of mold.

Use A Shelf As A Heat Trap

Hot air naturally rises, which means that the ceiling of your room will feel warmer than the floor. If you don’t want your heater to just warm the top of your rooms, try strategically placing a floating shelf over a heat vent. It will deflect some of the heat out into the room before it drifts upward. Just make sure it isn’t directly over the vent, and nothing on the shelf can melt from the heat.

Get Your HVAC Inspection Done Today

The other way to keep your home warm this winter is to make sure that your HVAC system is in good working order. Legacy Services Heating and Air Conditioning can quickly repair your heat pump or furnace. Call us today to schedule an inspection.