Although it may not seem immediately evident now, many New Braunfels families will notice and enjoy a lower-than average gas bill. While Texans typically enjoy far less costs in winter energy bills, this year we will likely see a 5-year low. This savings is significant, primarily because the U.S. Energy Information Administration expects a sharp increase in costs for 2017. Rather than holding onto your worn-out heating and cooling system, take advantage of the immediate savings to upgrade to a new unit in 2016.

dreamstime_xxl_48061Save today, save tomorrow

While the reduced energy costs are great for now, the long-term effects typically have a “rubber band” effect. Market experts are expecting a similar effect for the oil industry, which is good and bad news for the Texas oil industry. For the average homeowner, this savings should be seen as a time to store up for future cost hikes. Consider this: By upgrading to an energy efficient model, you can stand to enjoy 15 percent more efficiency. This 15 percent will allow you to enjoy an even heavier discount on 2016 bills, and prepare you for increased costs in 2017 and beyond.

Repair – the replacement alternative

Oftentimes, HVAC systems under 15 years old can be repaired or maintenanced for greatly increased efficiency. Before considering a replacement, schedule regular heating and cooling maintenance. This is crucial to keeping your system running at maximum efficiency throughout its life, and can prevent pre-emptive replacement.

New Braunfels HVAC experts

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