For those who read our last blog on how your pets affect your HVAC system, you might have been left wondering what you can do to offset some of these effects. Fortunately, you can still enjoy a home filled with breathable, high-quality indoor air and the company of your fuzzy companions.

For homeowners in Santa Clara and beyond, following this quick tips can help you take care of your home HVAC system and your pets at the same time!

Caring For Your HVAC and Your Pets

Your home HVAC system is perhaps more delicate than you first realize. But when you take time to care for it, it makes the quality of life in your home much better. These tips make it easy to keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year round!

Make Pet Grooming A Priority

Have you ever let Fido back into the house after a few hours in the backyard. Has he ever tracked mud, grime, and a mysterious odor into the house with him? No one likes living with this, and these odors and substances actually impact the air quality of your home.

Keeping your pet well groomed and clean puts less strain on your HVAC system and your nose. Not only is it better for your AC and heat pump, but it’s also better for the health of your pet. It removes dirt, grease, and debris from their fur, making their coat healthier and stronger. You can brush your pet at home, or take them to a local pet groomer to have the work done.

Be Aware of Your HVAC Temperature Settings

Every animal has a different mechanism to regulate their internal body temperature. To cool off, humans sweat, dogs pant, cats lick their coat. This means that the temperature you find comfortable in your home might not be comfortable for your pet, and because they don’t speak, they have a hard time communicating their temperature preferences to us.

So here are some HVAC tips to keep in mind. During the warm Santa Clara summers, be aware of how warm it is inside. Your pets will shed and move less if they’re too hot. Consider keeping the AC set between 78-80 to keep them happy and healthy in the heat. By not keeping it any cooler, you’ll save money by not running the AC more. Conversely, in the winter, your pet’s coat might grow longer, limiting how warm it needs to be inside. Don’t set your heat pump to too warm, or too cool for that matter. Between 66-68 degrees is just about right for most pets.

Clean and Replace Your Filters Frequently

For homes without pets, you can get away with replacing your HVAC filters every couple of months. But for pet owners, you’ll need to replace your filters every month. That’s because your filters will clog up with loose hair, animal dander, and extra debris far faster than your non-pet owning neighbor’s filters will.

There are a variety of reasons to follow this schedule of replacement. First, your HVAC system may actually shut down if the filter is too clogged. This can lead to costly repairs. Next, a clogged filter can actually cause, or worsen, allergies and asthma. Finally, clogged filters can force your HVAC system to work harder to achieve the same results. This means a higher utility bill and rooms that are never quite as comfortable as you’d like them to be.

Keep Your Air Ducts and Vents Clean

If you’re keeping our pets clean and groomed, you might be letting loose fur and hair drift into the ducts and vents of your HVAC system. Cleaning these out regularly helps improve your indoor air quality. Left unchecked, the deposits of dander and hair that build up in these spaces can be breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, leading to respiratory problems in your home. When cleaning your ducts and vents, make sure to shut off your HVAC system temporarily. Use a vacuum to clear out the ducts and vents, or call an HVAC repair service to have it taken care of for you.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

While you can do much to limit the effects of pet hair and dander on the quality of your indoor air, the reality is is that you’ll need some specialized help now and then. That’s why it’s always a good idea to schedule regular HVAC maintenance with Legacy AC and Heating.

During our routine inspections, we’ll make sure that your HVAC system is cleaned carefully, and we’ll identify any issues that should be resolved quickly. A checkup helps to keep your HVAC system working smoothly, keeping your system running longer and saving you money.

In need of an air quality test in Santa Clara? Give our HVAC specialists a call today to arrange one!