In our previous blog, we began a running list of ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, especially in regard to keeping temperate air in and uncomfortable air out. If you’re looking for even more ways to increase your energy efficiency, then read on!

Attic Insulation

It can’t be stressed enough how important proper insulation of attic space is for keeping heat out of your home. With temperatures of New Braunfels’ attics easily pushing 150 degrees, poor insulation can allow that heat to leak down into your living space, while cooled air finds its way upstairs. This can have a dramatic impact on energy bills and personal comfort in your living spaces. By investing in new insulation to replace old (or non-existent) flooring insulation for your attic, you can make a noteworthy impact on your home’s air conditioning.


While the humid heat we experience yearlong seems to permeate throughout New Braunfels, its effect on your home’s interior is greatly diminished with a little shade. Manufacturing shade for your home can include covering windows with blinds or curtains, especially while not at home, or planting shade trees or shrubs to prevent the sun’s rays from heating your interior. Beyond just windows, the temperature will rise inside and out as the sun’s rays shine upon your home. A little shade can go a long way in cutting energy costs, especially in the hottest months.

Get Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Most air conditioning maintenance and repair issues are simple and cost-effective, especially when performed regularly. Keeping your system working properly is still the most crucial component to optimal output, in-home temperatures, and energy efficiency.

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