There are pros and cons to having central air or utilizing strategically placed window units in your home, especially in the brutally hot and humid New Braunfels climate. Today, we will highlight some of the reasons why homeowners may be drawn to one over the other.

The Window Unit

Many older homes were built without central air conditioning, while others still have poorly installed or broken down HVAC, causing homeowners to seek an alternative. While window unit home air conditioners certainly have their drawbacks, they definitely have some perks as well:

  • Newer models can be surprisingly energy efficient in cooling one small space.
  • Window units allow you to pinpoint where and when you want your home cooled.
  • They keep discharge heat safely outside of the home (hence the hanging from the window).
  • They are relatively quiet inside the home.

Window units also suffer a few blatant cons in their utilization, especially in an area like New Braunfels:

  • They are considered unsightly, and can be noisy outside of the home (further compounded if multiple window units are used at once).
  • Since they don’t directly seal the window, often hot, humid air is allowed into the home.
  • They only cool one room effectively, leaving others warm.
  • Energy efficiency is diminished when numerous units are needed.

dreamstime_8652033Central Air

By having properly maintained central air conditioning, your home can enjoy consistent coolness across all of its rooms. Major benefits for central AC include:

  • Energy efficiency in medium to large homes
  • Worry-free nature, home is cooled based on thermostat settings without a second thought
  • Safely discharges heat through exterior coils and fan
  • Helps to increase the value and sellability of your home

Central air does have a few drawbacks as well:

  • Higher upfront cost to install, especially if the home doesn’t currently have working HVAC
  • Older models can be less energy efficient, especially if thermostat isn’t monitored
  • Requires regularly scheduled air conditioning repair and maintenance services

Our Thoughts

Throughout the country, many homeowners now enjoy central air conditioning, and it is becoming a growing standard. Here in New Braunfels, especially, central air conditioning has tremendous benefits in its ability to keep out humid air and filter out in-house humidity. For these reasons, the New Braunfels air conditioning experts at Legacy AC & Heating Services feel that homeowners should opt into central air conditioning whenever possible.

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