We service quite a large number of New Braunfels home air conditioners each summer and frequently run through when it is best to pursue a repair or replacement for broken or failing systems. While many technicians will simply tell you that your system is approaching its expected lifespan, and thus pressure you into an early replacement, we do things a little differently. We utilize an honest, straightforward system for recommending when an air conditioning system is better to repair or replace.

Our Risk vs Reward Formula

The way we look at it, there are risks and rewards associated with repairing and replacing aging home air conditioners. We utilize a replacement formula to help homeowners in making the decision that will be best for them financially, and it greatly simplifies the process. If we detect an error with your system, we will simply present you with the expected cost of the repair, which we then use to calculate the risk that repair will carry going forward vs the rewards associated with repairreplace-300x171ba new air conditioning installation. It looks like this:

The ‘5,000 Rule’ Formula

(Cost of Repair) x (AC Age in Years)

If over 5,000, replace system. If under, repair is probably worth the risk, and replacement is not necessary at this time.

Other Considerations

dreamstime_xxl_24747064In rare circumstances, other things may influence a homeowner’s decision. For instance, even if your system may be able to be repaired for just under the 5,000 rule, you may consider the energy
inefficiency of an older system to warrant an upgrade. Many New Braunfels residents desire an addition to their home’s livable space, such as a home extension
or finishing an attic or basement, and this can place an unachievable burden upon a home’s air conditioning system. In these rare circumstances, even a working system can be a candidate for immediate replacement. In any case, we will walk you through the pros and cons of repairing your current system versus a full air conditioning installation.

Honesty Makes Sense

We believe that simple honesty is best, and numbers don’t lie. Your home air conditioner is supposed to last 10 years, but it could have a major problem that accelerates that or be fortunate enough to far exceed that. Our job is simply to advise you and provide excellent service. Doing things this way, we assure our customers that the repair or replacement is the best course of action for them. Schedule your home’s free consultation today!