As we move into the heart of winter, homeowners in Seguin are undoubtedly turning to their heat pumps to keep their homes warm and welcoming, even as the outdoors become frigid and frightening. But the extra use that our heat pumps experience may lead to issues. Fortunately, Legacy Services offers HVAC services in Seguin and elsewhere in the area. If you’re facing a heat pump problem this winter, this guide should help you diagnose it before you give us a call.

Your Heat Pump Is Blowing Cold Air

This sounds like a contradiction, but it’s one that some homeowners face every winter. Many heat pumps can also serve as air conditioners, making it a handy multipurpose fixture. However, it’s not so handy when it’s not doing its job. If your heat pump is releasing cold air into your home, first check to see if it’s accidentally been switched to its air conditioning mood. If it hasn’t, check the outside of the unit to see if it’s iced over. If your heat pump isn’t on AC mode and isn’t iced over, you might be facing a problem with the refrigerant, or the compressor. It’s likely that your heat pump is due for a checkup from one of our HVAC specialists.

Your Heat Pump Is Making Strange Noises

We all have an idea of what a properly functioning HVAC system should sound like. It’s a symphony of humming and whooshing noises, accompanied by a flourish of treated air. Our familiarity with these sounds makes it all the more noticeable when our heat pumps begin to make strange noises. If you hear any squealing noises, the sound of grinding, or lots of rattling, it’s a sign that your heat pump is experiencing a problem of some kind. The first thing to check is the control panel. Make sure it’s seated securely in place. If that’s not it, listen to the register or the ductwork of the pump. If the noise has a squealing or grinding tone, it might indicate that the bearings have worn out. In that case, the easiest solution is to simply call us.

The Heat Pump Is Cycling Too Often

Modern heat pumps don’t run all the time. If yours is, you might be experiencing one of the heat pump issues we discussed in our last blog about common heat pump problems. Similarly, if your heat pump is cycling too frequently, your unit is wearing itself out faster than it needs to. Check that your heat pump isn’t overheating and examine the air filter for any blockages. Take a quick look at your thermostat, and make sure it doesn’t have any damage or a bad circuit.

Heat Pump Repairs In Seguin

Don’t let a broken heat pump leave you out in the cold this winter. Legacy Services is here to help with our free estimates and cost-effective work. We’re more than happy to offer second opinions on estimates from other HVAC companies in Seguin. Call us today to schedule your next HVAC maintenance inspection.