Ah, fall. The days grow a little shorter, the sky seems a little bluer, and the leaves grow gold and red. With the change of seasons comes a change in your HVAC usage. While your air conditioner likely hummed away all summer long, it might sit quietly for most days during the fall. While your AC might not see as much use in the fall as it does in the summer, that doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly free from keeping it well-maintained. As New Braunfels’ preferred HVAC services provider, Legacy Services Air Conditioning And Heating will outline some steps to take to prepare your HVAC system for fall.

Inspect Your System For Any Dangers

When you’re getting ready for fall, make sure to take a minute to assess your HVAC unit for any pressing dangers. For instance, make sure that your unit is level and solidly positioned, whether it’s seated outside or mounted inside. You don’t want summer weather or indoor revelry loosening anything. Listen carefully to your HVAC unit. If it’s making any ominous noises, it’s probably a good sign that things are looking bad for your HVAC system. If there’s an unusual smell emanating from your system, it’s a good idea to get in touch with an HVAC service.

Keep An Eye On The Lines

If you worked your AC unit hard this summer, it might have developed leaks or cracks in the refrigerant lines. These leaks cause your AC to work harder to cool off the same amount of air. This overcompensation can lead to other AC issues, like damaged components, frozen lines, and electrical issues. If your AC is leaking refrigerant, the lifespan of your AC can be shortened significantly. Make sure to contact one of our HVAC technicians right away if you notice liquid pooling in and around your AC unit.

Look For Signs Of Electrical Damage

Because our HVAC systems require so much energy, it can tax the electrical system within the unit. If you see black smudges and spots on the exterior of your unit, it might mean that your electrical work is damaged. In many cases, it might be a shorted or grounded wire in the system. Electrical issues are not to be taken lightly, and if you see any traces, you should contact an HVAC tech immediately.

Inspect The Outdoor Fans

Your outdoor HVAC units are naturally going to sustain more wear and tear than your indoor systems. Look over the unit and remove and sticks, leaves, or other debris that may be in the unit. If you need to clean the fans, make sure that the unit is completely disconnected from an electrical source so that it doesn’t turn on while you’re working on it. Cleaning is simple. Just review the manufacturer’s instructions first. Then, remove the grate that covers the fan. Pull out any debris and dispose of it in a trash can away from the unit. Wipe down the fan blades with a moist towel. Check the hub screw to make sure it is plenty tight. If the fan looks like it has been damaged, it’s best to meet with an HVAC service provider to get it repaired or replaced.

Work With New Braunfels’ Finest

Of course, if you’d rather spend your fall afternoons enjoy cups of tea and walks through the park, and not maintaining your HVAC system, we’d love to do it for you! Legacy Services Air Conditioning And Heating has been inspecting, repairing, and maintaining HVAC systems in New Braunfels for decades. Our services are fast, effective, and affordable. Contact us today to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance!