We consistently receive requests for tips and tricks from our New Braunfels HVAC customers looking to save money, time and stress throughout the summer and winter. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your seasonal stresses, be sure to read on for handy tips from Legacy Heating & AC!

Streamlining HVAC Care

Create a Maintenance Plan

For everything, have a plan. Maintenance and repair for your HVAC system should be no exception; by scheduling appointments for routine maintenance well in advance, you take out the randomness of HVAC service and repair. By planning for the future, you can preserve your system’s life through regular preventive maintenance that may have otherwise gone undone. Regular maintenance may seem like an added cost, but it can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills and by prolonging future HVAC replacements.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

It may seem like a simple, easily overlooked change, but upgrading your thermostat can have a dramatic impact on your energy costs and the burden placed upon your HVAC. Many modern thermostats have become “smart” enough to qualify for governmental and energy company rebates, which can make them even more enticing. These modern thermostats can predict your usage patterns, detect when you’re not at home, and optimize when your system runs, which can amount to substantial cost-savings throughout the hottest and coldest months.

Keep Air Filters Ready

One common mistake homeowners make is running to the hardware store (eventually) when they need to replace their furnace’s air filter, at which point they return with only the filter they need this time. Instead, stock up on air filters by buying cost-saving multipacks at your hardware store or online; after all, your air filter won’t suddenly change and they never expire. By making this simple change you not only ensure that you always have the filters you need to keep your furnace and air clean, but you also can pre-plan and date each filter, identifying exactly when each should get changed out. From here, simply create a calendar event on your digital (or paper) calendar of choice, and change out the filter on the assigned date.

Pick Landmark Dates

The best way to remember when to check up on your HVAC system, in terms of scheduled maintenance, DIY check-ins, air filter changes, and other homeowner HVAC responsibilities is to schedule the dates around easy-to-remember timelines. Some of our New Braunfels customers have reported using holiday weekends from work as a time to check in on their HVAC, which is perfect as it allows for the extra time needed, is easy to remember, and most holidays are spaced out by a span of weeks or months. Decide upon a system for your household and be sure to stick to it for best results.

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