As we look forward to the weather forecast, many projections show a blistering cold in light of the polar vortex that is striking the country. For places like Duluth and Chicago, dangerous below zero temperatures are causing public safety concerns, while warmer areas like Atlanta and New Braunfels prepare for the possibility of below freezing temperatures.

Dealing With Frost

Pad Your Travel Time

Whenever you intend to travel on frosty days or through frigid nights, it is important to allow for extra travel time. If your vehicle is kept outside, you should keep a frost scraper in your car to keep frosted condensation from blocking your vision; while your car’s defroster can likely clear up the frost, it is best to not have to count on that and keep your car idling for extended periods of time.

Watch the Forecast

Anyone that has lived in the northern parts of the country can tell you the significance of watching up-to-date weather forecasts on cold days and nights. Freezing rain, ice accumulation, and even snow are possible on short notice during the colder nights throughout this polar vortex; keep yourself, your family, and other drivers safe by watching the forecasts and adjusting travel plans accordingly.

Infrastructure Issues

Unlike the frigid cities up north, southern cities aren’t nearly as equipped to handle large snow systems. While many people joke that the city would get “shut down,” in the event of a large snow, that isn’t far from the truth. Without a fleet of plows and salt trucks, it can be quite dangerous to drive through even mild snows, so always take special care and consideration before traveling in any inclement weather here in New Braunfels.

Stay In

Keeping people off of the roads is the major concern for many city officials and emergency service professionals. At Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning, we want you to stay safe this holiday season and throughout the frosty winter, which is why we would encourage anyone that doesn’t need to travel during potentially dangerous weather systems to not do so. Additionally, we advise you keep a couple of cases of bottled water and dry food supplies on hand throughout the season to avoid hazardous supermarket trips and always ensure your HVAC is ready for the coldest days.

Keep HVAC Working

It is no secret that furnaces have the innate ability to die out on the worst, coldest nights of the year. If you suspect that your home’s HVAC may be circling the drain, then do not wait until it comes down to the wire to request service. By remaining proactive about your home’s HVAC, you can keep your family warm through even the chilliest evenings the polar vortex is poised to throw at us.

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