If you’re one of many New Braunfels residents with their heating and cooling in a cellar, then you will likely run into HVAC issues when attempting to remove any walls during renovation. There are a number of cost-efficient solutions to keep the HVAC you need, for single and multi-level homes alike, without disrupting your design, such as:

dreamstime_xxl_13865616Utilizing a Post

Instead of removing the entire wall, you can instead frame out a post, which can hide HVAC lines, as well as extremely costly water and sewage piping. While it may not be the original vision for your design, if you take the time to match wall elements to your post, you may actually come to love it. In fact, sometimes having a wide open space between rooms can make the overall space look smaller, as there is no clear definition between rooms; a post helps to solve this without blocking sightlines or walking paths.

Sneaky Corner

If a post isn’t your style, you can actually run your HVAC into the corner of a room, utilizing a small soffit along the ceiling to hide the line as it crosses under the floor joists in the ceiling. When decorated and lit correctly, these seemingly inconvenient changes to the initial design can actually look like intentional elements placed to add depth to a room. In a kitchen or bathroom, you can actually run the tile backsplash around the newly popped out corner for an interesting effect; don’t worry about lost space, space in the very corner of cabinets is rarely used at all!

Professional HVAC

It is crucial that only a licensed professional work on your home’s heating and cooling systems, whether that means ductwork, maintenance, or entire system repair or replacement. When done incorrectly, your system can actually suffer a large dip in performance. The last thing you would want is to have to worry about tearing open walls after your renovation to fix something that isn’t done right; get our New Braunfels pros on the job instead!

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