Thanks to your properly working air conditioning system, your home is kept at a comfortable climate for just about everything you own (likely barring perishables in the refrigerator). Largely due to the architecture and climate enjoyed in New Braunfels, many local homes do not have a basement for storage, leaving the attic as a vital place for long-term storage within the home. Because attics here function as storage, they often are not connected to heating and air conditioning systems; this leaves the things stored there vulnerable to harsh temperatures, almost year round. Here are some things you should try to not keep upstairs:

dreamstime_xxl_25308376Cardboard boxes

Leaving cardboard boxes around long-term is just generally unwise. While these collapsible storage devices are great for moving, they should be broken down and discarded afterward. The reason being that many pests can find shelter, make nests, or even eat the cardboard and/or what is inside.

Other natural components

Wood, fur, leather, ivory, etc. Anything made from natural material will decompose over time, but exposing it to extreme heat day after day will greatly expedite that process. Just remember that when you store winter clothes upstairs (in heat-safe plastics), that you leave the fur and leather jackets safely in climate-controlled areas.

Pictures and documents

These items are especially vulnerable to heat, and should only be stored in a climate-controlled area. If you don’t have room in the air conditioned portions of your home, then consider a storage unit with constant climate control. These are perhaps the most precious things stored in long-term storage, and can sustain permanent damage in extreme heat rather quickly.

New Braunfels’ HVAC pros

Another option available to you is retrofitting your attic to be climate controlled. Compared to the costs associated with a monthly storage unit, this solution will likely pay off very quickly. If you’re looking to expand your heating and cooling to include your storage space, then contact Legacy AC & Heating Services today!

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