New Braunfels, Texas isn’t exactly known for frigid temperatures during the winter, as we sit nicely at in the 50s and 60s during the day and 30s at night. Those nights can get a bit chilly and cause for you to run the heating in your HVAC system. If you want to not only have a warmer house and save money on your monthly energy bill, read more about what you can do.

Stay warm, stay efficient

Heating efficiency in the winter is all about helping your HVAC system — specifically your heater — function optimally so you and your loved ones can enjoy a toasty, warm house. It’s always a great idea to call in the experts, like us at Legacy, to get a heating and air tune-up. But what else can you do to help in energy savings?

Examine your doors and windows – In New Braunfels, there are rainy days that usher cool breezes, so check around your windows and doors for a heat void. A heat void is anywhere in the house a cold air draft can escape to the indoors! When you assess these parts of the house, look for cracks or spaces where the cold air comes through. Sometimes all it takes is fully closing a window that wasn’t shut properly. If your windows are especially drafty, you may want to consider replacing them as this will just continue to suck energy as time goes on. For doors, remember to replace the screens with the storm doors (glass) in the winter. You may also want to invest in weather stripping around the door’s edges. This not only keeps out cold air, but it prevents water and dust from getting in.

  • Hang thick curtains – In hanging thick curtains, you can help contain the cold air drafts. Hanging heavy curtains is helpful in every room, but especially in a large room with vaulted ceilings that takes extra energy to heat.
  • Change out the filters in your HVAC system – HVAC experts would all agree that changing your filters before it gets too cold is one of the best ways to improve on your home’s heating efficiency. Dirty, clogged filters only make your HVAC system work harder, so help it out and change it out!
  • Add insulation – If you have the time and the money before the weather changes, you can always add additional insulation in your attic or roof area. Heat rises, so the insulation does a wonderful job of trapping the heat that wants to escape and keeping it within your home.
  • Add a programmable thermostat – If your home doesn’t already have a programmable thermostat, this is a very wise investment to make. With this device, you can keep the temperature warmer when you’re home and enjoy its comfort, and then set it lower for when you’re at work as well as when you’re sleeping. This alone will impact your monthly energy bill.

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