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  1. Common Problems Window AC Units Face

    In a recent blog post, we outlined some of the advantages of using a window air conditioner. Their small size and the equally small price tag makes them a great choice for budget and energy-conscious homeowners. But like all air conditioners, your window AC will eventually face some challenges and problems. As Santa Clara’s first choice for AC services, Legacy Air Conditioning and Heating has de…Read More

  2. Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell?

    When it comes to air conditioning, we all expect our treated air to smell a certain way. It's that crisp cool scent that's not unlike spending an afternoon in the mountains. But if you come home and the smell is "unexpected," then you might be having an issue with your air conditioning. As Seguin's leading choice for AC services, we've addressed more than our fair share of strange problems with ai…Read More