1. Eco-Friendly Home Cooling Tips – Part 2

    Hello, and welcome back to our blog. In part one of our Eco-friendly home cooling tips blog series, we explored some of Eco-friendly ways to keep your New Braunfels home cool while reducing energy usage. Your HVAC system has a huge impact on the environment, yet by incorporating other cooling methods into your air conditioning, you can decrease energy costs and improve energy efficiency. In part t…Read More

  2. Eco-Friendly Home Cooling Tips – Part 1

    Did you know that your HVAC system has a huge impact on the environment? With the hot and humid temperatures here in New Braunfels, your air conditioning system is likely working hard to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home. But did you know there are several Eco-friendly ways to make your air conditioner run more efficiently, thus saving you money on your monthly bills, creating…Read More

  3. Reasons to Replace Your Old AC Unit

    Most people wait to replace their air conditioning unit until it completely gives out. This is completely understandable, as purchasing a new air conditioner is a big investment. However, there are many great reasons to replace your old system with a newer one. Especially because, as we’re all aware, the blistering Texas heat here in New Braunfels makes it nearly impossible to live without a ful…Read More

  4. Heat Pump or Forced Air Conditioning?

    When someone has a problem with their cooling, it isn’t uncommon of them to think about swapping to or from a heat pump or forced air conditioner. Today, we’ll cover a bit of the whens and whys of heat pump installation versus air conditioner repair and more! Deciding On Cooling Your Home There are a number of reasons as to why someone may want to stay away from one type of home cooling or the…Read More

  5. Heat Pumps In New Braunfels

    As we get to the “chilly” months in New Braunfels, Texas, we see more and more people flipping on their heat pumps just before bed and turning them off in the morning. Unsure what the heck we’re talking about? For those of you that may not have grown up with this technology or are just all-around unfamiliar with heat pumps, let us explain. How, What, & Why: All You Need to Know About Hea…Read More

  6. The Surprising Complexity of HVAC

    We frequently get calls from clients that have all but diagnosed their own HVAC and want to quote the cost of a specific repair before moving forward with an appointment. Unlike something like a vehicle, for example, HVAC is often not so easily diagnosed, as the connected nature of the internal components often make one problem appear similarly to another. Get Professional HVAC Maintenance As ment…Read More

  7. Why You Need A Home Warranty

    There are certain items in your home that cause a sinking feeling in your gut when they show even the slightest glimmer that they may not be working properly. You know what they are, and you likely knock on wood at the thought of shelling out the cost to replace them. Today, Legacy Heating & Conditioning Services will share the why you should consider a home warranty and which appliances offer…Read More

  8. Frost In New Braunfels

    As we look forward to the weather forecast, many projections show a blistering cold in light of the polar vortex that is striking the country. For places like Duluth and Chicago, dangerous below zero temperatures are causing public safety concerns, while warmer areas like Atlanta and New Braunfels prepare for the possibility of below freezing temperatures. Dealing With Frost Pad Your Travel Time W…Read More

  9. Polar Vortex Explained

    If you’ve been outside lately, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that it is exceedingly cold, even for December temperatures. You also may have heard the term polar vortex thrown around; this term has become synonymous with “especially cold winter” in many Americans’ minds, especially with the last polar vortex striking less than 2 years ago. Today, Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning will ex…Read More

  10. Planning For Furnace Replacement

    Home ownership comes with many upsides and a few downsides; one such downside is an expensive replacement, such as a furnace. Nobody ever wants their furnace to go out, and there is no such thing as a convenient time to replace something you’d rather have quietly work forever. Unfortunately, furnaces require regular maintenance and, yes, eventual replacement. Planning for that expense can greatl…Read More