1. On Portable Air Conditioners

    We’ve recently seen a spike in portable air conditioners, as homeowners are frequently misled by the potential appeals of the system, without properly understanding the drawbacks associated with them. Here are some things you should know before considering the purchase of a portable air conditioner: “Portable” is Debateable Perhaps the largest draw of these systems is the ease of maneuvering…Read More

  2. Humidity & Central Air

    Have you ever noticed water on the inside of your home’s windows? This odd effect is created by an overabundance of moisture in your home, and could be costing you money. By attempting to cool a house with high levels of humidity, you are forcing your home’s air conditioning to fight an uphill battle. Options for Moisture If you’re dealing with too much moisture in your home due to the New B…Read More

  3. Increasing Upstairs Airflow

    A common complaint we hear from New Braunfels residents is that their air conditioning is no longer cooling the upstairs like it used to. There are a number of potential explanations for this common problem, and often the only person that can actually shine light or solve the issue is an air conditioning repair technician. There are, however, a few things you can do to help ensure that your home i…Read More

  4. Central AC vs. Window Units

    There are pros and cons to having central air or utilizing strategically placed window units in your home, especially in the brutally hot and humid New Braunfels climate. Today, we will highlight some of the reasons why homeowners may be drawn to one over the other. The Window Unit Many older homes were built without central air conditioning, while others still have poorly installed or broken down…Read More

  5. AC, Repair Or Replace?

    We service quite a large number of New Braunfels home air conditioners each summer and frequently run through when it is best to pursue a repair or replacement for broken or failing systems. While many technicians will simply tell you that your system is approaching its expected lifespan, and thus pressure you into an early replacement, we do things a little differently. We utilize an honest, stra…Read More

  6. Air Conditioning, Among Best Ever Inventions

    When considering the best inventions of mankind, many come from the 20th century. With such contenders as the assembly line, birth control, penicillin, computers, televisions, cell phones, and, of course, the internet, it is difficult to name many of mankind’s greatest lasting achievements that weren’t from the 20th century. Among the lists made by the truly sociologically savvy is air conditi…Read More