1. Why You Should Consider Financing Your HVAC Project With Us

    Thank you for coming back to the Legacy Heating And Air Conditioning Services blog, we’re happy to have you! Today, we’re going to be talking about a solution that we have in place to help people manage their HVAC repairs, replacements, and installations when financial assistance is needed.  That’s why we offer financing options that could help you manage a difficult or sudden HVAC complica…Read More

  2. Redefining HVAC Services In New Braunfels — Legacy Heating And Air Conditioning Services

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  3. 5 Reasons To Upgrade From A Window AC And Get An HVAC Unit Installed

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  4. Preparing Your Home For Fall And Winter In New Braunfels

    Living in New Braunfels is truly wonderful. While it gets hot in the summer, we’re fortunate to have delightful, mild weather in the fall and winter months. As great as that is, it poses an interesting challenge for homeowners. Warm days and cold nights make for a unique situation, and it’s important that you plan accordingly!  In this blog, Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning will be giving …Read More

  5. An Overview of Different Air Conditioning Units

    When summer comes around, everybody appreciates the respite from hot weather that only air conditioning can provide. That being said, at Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services, we recognize that there are plenty of people who don’t have the luxury of air conditioning in their homes or apartments.  That’s why we’re creating this blog! Today, we’re going to run through the different t…Read More

  6. Optimizing Window Air Conditioning Units

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  7. Common Problems Window AC Units Face

    In a recent blog post, we outlined some of the advantages of using a window air conditioner. Their small size and the equally small price tag makes them a great choice for budget and energy-conscious homeowners. But like all air conditioners, your window AC will eventually face some challenges and problems. As Santa Clara’s first choice for AC services, Legacy Air Conditioning and Heating has de…Read More

  8. The Advantages of Using a Window Air Conditioner

    As the temperature begins the crawl sky high, people across Santa Clara are looking for ways to keep cool. More than just sitting on blocks of ice or using palm fronds to cool themselves, your air conditioner is perhaps the most obvious way to stay comfortable in your home. But if you're afraid that your utility bills will climb as fast as the temperature, you might look for other options than usi…Read More

  9. Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell?

    When it comes to air conditioning, we all expect our treated air to smell a certain way. It's that crisp cool scent that's not unlike spending an afternoon in the mountains. But if you come home and the smell is "unexpected," then you might be having an issue with your air conditioning. As Seguin's leading choice for AC services, we've addressed more than our fair share of strange problems with ai…Read More

  10. Your Guide to DIY AC Inspection

    Perhaps because of their omnipresence on the Texas landscape, we all expect our air conditioners just to work whenever we need them to. However, like any machine, your air conditioner is prone to its own set of problems. Especially as we transition into the height of summer, it's especially important to ensure that your AC is working properly. If you suspect that your air conditioner is having a p…Read More