1. Common Air Conditioner Myths

    As New Braunfels leading provider of air conditioner repairs, we hear a lot of strange stories and myths from our clients. After more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve put a lot of these myths to the test and found out a lot of them are full of hot air. In today’s blog post, the air conditioning repair specialists at Legacy AC And Heating Services will tackle some of the most common air con…Read More

  2. Recognizing The Signs Of Heat-Related Illness

    In our last blog post, we covered the dangers of living inside a hot house. As part of that blog, we mentioned the risk of heat exhaustion. As temperatures rise during the summer months, and across the globe more generally, it’s important to be aware of the effects of heat on your body. So, to ensure that our customers are staying happy and healthy during summertime, Legacy AC and Heating Servic…Read More

  3. The Dangers Of Living In A Hot House

    While New Braunfels grows ever closer to the fall season and the cooler temperatures that come along with it, the city is still within the grips of summer heat. While many can quickly retreat from the sun and into the sanctuary of an air-conditioned home. But those without an AC unit, or even worse, a broken AC, may have to live in their homes and bear the oppressive heat. As residents of Texas, w…Read More

  4. Cool Summertime Activities

    As things start to heat up here in New Braunfels, you’ll no doubt be on the lookout for fun activities to keep you and your family busy and cool. As New Braunfels’ leading air conditioning repair service, we spend a lot of time in the heat and are always looking for ways to cool off on our days off. In today’s blog, we’ll share some of our favorite summertime activities. Take A Boat Ride G…Read More

  5. The Best Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

    There’s no doubt that we love that warm summer sunshine here in New Braunfels, but when you have to escape the heat, nothing beats sitting at home in a nicely air-conditioned room. But if you’re looking for new ways to keep cool this summer, why not try some of these handy tips and tricks? Legacy Air Conditioning and Heating have been helping the residents of New Braunfels beat the summer heat…Read More

  6. Making The Most Of Your AC This Summer

    As New Braunfels moves into July, and the hottest part of summer, it’s important to keep your house cool. But relying solely on your air conditioner is a great way to rack up a huge utility bill. If you want to keep cool this summer, there are more ways to do it than just installing an energy efficient air conditioner. Instead, follow some of these clever tips and tricks to make the most of your…Read More

  7. How We Cooled Our Houses Before Air Conditioning

    Here in the 21st Century, it’s hard to imagine a time before air conditioners and central air. But the fact of the matter is, air conditioning is a fairly recent invention in the grand scheme of things. Up until the mid-1900s, people had to get really creative in how they stayed cool, especially in the southern part of the United States, and in states like Texas. If you find yourself taking a st…Read More

  8. Installing A New Air Conditioner In Your Home?

    There’s lots that we love about summer time. We love spending more time in our backyards with a glass of sweet tea in hand, we love the long days full of sunshine, and we love getting to play outside with our friends and family. However, we don’t necessarily love the heat. Yes, that brassy Texas sunshine can get uncomfortably hot during the summer. Fortunately, you can beat the heat with a new…Read More

  9. Are You Experiencing An AC Emergency?

    During these hot and humid summer months, you’ll want to ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly and efficiently all season long. But sometimes, you might experience an AC failure of some kind. This can be a stressful situation, but is it really an AC emergency? Legacy Services has been serving New Braunfels for more than 30 years and in that time we’ve helped repair hundreds of thousan…Read More

  10. Common AC Unit Problems, Pt. 3

    When things are getting heated, you can rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool. New Braunfels is in the middle of the summer, and that means it’s at its peak of humidity and heat. Since you are running your AC more frequently to beat the heat this summer, you might be experiencing more problems than you do in other seasons. In the last two blogs, we’ve covered a whole host of problems t…Read More