1. The Best Updates to Make Before Putting Your Home on the Market

    There can be a lot to consider before putting your home on the market. Will you get enough money for it? Will it sell quickly? Will the timing of my next home purchase coincide with my current home’s sale? What will I have to do to get my home ready to sell? With all of these questions, selling your home can be extremely stressful, but does it really have to be? What if I told you that there are…Read More

  2. Your HVAC Unit: Is It Time For A Repair?

    As your HVAC unit ages, it starts to show signs of wear. Though these signs often present themselves in different ways, it’s important to pay attention to how your HVAC may be doing. If your unit is fairly new, your repair services might be pretty simple and inexpensive. If your unit is older, you might be looking at some hefty repair prices. Finally, if it is older than the hills themselves, ch…Read More

  3. Signs You Need To Replace Your HVAC Pt. 2

    Don’t Waste Time and Money Repairing a Dying HVAC   Humans, by nature, are sentimental creatures. We tend to hold onto items that we feel represent a special moment in time, a memory, or the person who gave the item to us. While it’s perfectly acceptable to be sentimental about certain items in the home, the HVAC unit should not be one of these items. Over the years of use that most HVAC …Read More

  4. Signs You Need To Replace Your HVAC

    Out With the Old, In With the New   Hello there, and welcome back to the Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning blog! As HVAC specialists who have been helping New Braunfels area residents with their HVAC needs for years now, we have seen just about every situation that you can think of. While we make every effort to repair our clients’ HVAC systems and keep them running as efficiently as poss…Read More

  5. Why Is HVAC Maintenance Important?

    Preventative Maintenance For Your HVAC   This time of year always holds a special place in our hearts here at Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services. With October in full swing, the holiday season has officially begun, bringing with it all of the fun that surrounds this special time of year. Unfortunately, if your HVAC isn’t ready to keep up with the demands that the falling temperatu…Read More

  6. Tips To Improve HVAC Efficiency In Winter Pt. 2

    Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter   Hello, dear reader, and welcome back to the Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services blog! Across the United States and right here in New Braunfels, homeowners are gearing up for the winter months by making sure that their home’s HVAC system is in as good a repair as possible. In today’s post, we are going to go over a few more tips that can help to i…Read More

  7. Tips To Improve HVAC Efficiency In Winter

    Help Your HVAC and Save Some Money   In the immortal words of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, and Warden of the North, “Winter is coming.” For this reason, we here at Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services want to help as many New Braunfels area residents save some money this winter by listing out some tips that will help to improve the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system this…Read More

  8. Concerning HVAC Smells Pt. 2

    Don’t Ignore the Smells   Hello, and welcome back to our blog. If you have been keeping up with our posts, you know that we are currently listing out some of the most common smells that are produced by a home’s HVAC unit when something is amiss. While it might seem like most smells can be ignored in the hopes that they will go away, certain smells warrant a little more concern. In today…Read More

  9. Concerning HVAC Smells

    What’s That Smell?   When it comes to HVAC units, most people tend to forget that they even exist until something starts to go wrong with the system. Here at Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services, while we don’t necessarily agree with the fact that people tend to be less diligent about the upkeep of their HVAC system, we understand that “out of sight, out of mind” is an easy ha…Read More

  10. Tips To Get Your HVAC Ready For Winter

    Winter is Coming, is Your HVAC Ready?   Hello there, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services,  we want to make sure that all of our New Braunfels neighbors are as prepared as possible for the coming winter. While we understand that it doesn’t get particularly cold in this area of Texas, it still gets cold enough that a faulty HVAC during the winte…Read More