Any time that you have to call someone to work on your home, whether for preventive maintenance or a major repair, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. While you may be used to expecting the worst and hoping for the best, you can decrease the likelihood that you allow a dishonest tech into your home by recognizing the signs of an honest one.

Finding the Best Service for Your Home

If you ask ten people how to find the best air conditioning repair technicians in New Braunfels, you’ll likely get ten different answers. The reason for this is simple: Most people don’t know how to find honest help, they just know it when they see it. Transform your intuition into productive screening with these helpful tips:

Use Reviews Wisely

Not all reviews should be taken as the absolute truth; after all, they are written by people. By their nature, reviews are a snapshot of the most impressed and the most disappointed clients, largely excluding those in the middle. Any marketer will tell you how difficult it is to get any positive feedback online, even from a brand’s biggest fans, but how incredibly easy it is to get negative feedback. Basically, the message is simple: Read between the lines on reviews. If you see common threads of praise or complaints about a brand, then maybe there is validity to it. Just avoid heavily relying upon any outlying reviews as potentially skewed by the reviewers emotions.

Cross-Check Service

Take your in-person searches to the internet and your internet searches to the potential company’s offices. While we aren’t necessarily saying that you need to get in your car and drive, you can learn a lot about a company on their website and by simply calling their contact information. Do the website and customer care staff do a satisfactory job at answering your questions and concerns about service, or do they make you feel unwanted? Sometimes, doing a tiny amount of digging before committing to a particular service provider can make a world of difference.

Meet Your Tech

The simplest answer is almost always right; in this case, the best way to gauge your technician’s integrity is to meet them yourself. While the sales staff for just about any service-based industry will likely be friendly and accommodating, the techs should also mirror that level of service. If your tech seems to be perturbed by your presence in their jobsite (your home) or seems eager to talk to you only to push an expensive repair on you, then you should pump the brakes and get a second opinion.

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