You can almost feel it. Maybe it’s because the sun is staying up just a bit later. Maybe a lone bird has begun singing. Maybe a brave flower has started to bloom in the garden. With spring drawing ever closer, it’s time to start thinking about the HVAC system in your home. In particular, you’ll want to give some thought your AC unit. Like the skies turning grey in winter, thoughts of repairing or replacing our AC starts to cloud our thinking as the weather warms. But which should you do? Join Legacy Services as we look at both options.

You Should Repair Your AC If…

While some air conditioning repair services might suggest your replace your AC at the first sign of an issue, we understand that might not be financially feasible for you. Instead, repairing might be a better option. Consider repairing your air conditioning if you’re experiencing any of the following:

Your AC is Less Than 10 Years Old

The reality is that many newer ACs are more efficient and robust than models of the past. If you’ve purchased your AC within the last decade, it’s best to try and have it repaired first. One, it’s cheaper. Two, your AC might still be under warranty. Three, replacement parts are often cheap because they’re easy to find.

You’ve Been On Top Of Your Maintenance

If you’ve been diligent about scheduling maintenance calls with Legacy Services, the fact is that you’re probably considerably extending the effective lifespan of your AC. Regular maintenance often negates the need for repairs in the first place. However, if your AC does experience an issue, having an extensive service record can help our technicians diagnose and respond to your problem quickly.

You Should Replace Your AC if…

Of course, sometimes you have to stop throwing money at a busted air conditioner. Replacement is certainly an option for you, especially if it will be cheaper than trying to repair your existing unit. It might be time to replace your AC if you find any of the following.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Look, running an AC for most months in the year gets expensive fast, but just because you expect it doesn’t mean you should tolerate it. If you find that your AC is affecting utility bill month after month, it’s a pretty good sign that you’re due for an upgrade. Modern air conditioning units are leaps and bounds ahead of where they once were in terms of energy efficiency. To put it simply, no amount of repairs on an old machine will make it as efficient as a newer model.

Your AC is More Than 15 Years Old

While AC units under 10 years old are fine to be repaired, air conditioners that are more than 15 years old need to be retired. That’s because ACs at this age or older simply break down more. It’s just a part of the natural entropy of things. As the device starts to fail more often, larger and more important pieces begin to break. This makes it increasingly more expensive to repair the unit with an ever diminishing return on your investment in terms of performance and efficiency.

Your AC isn’t Doing Its Job

At a certain point, an endless array of bandages and repairs simply can’t make an old AC work better. If you notice that your AC seems to be staying on longer or cycling more frequently, and your home still isn’t cool, that’s the clearest indicator that you’re past the point of repair. In instances like these, it’s time to talk to our AC technicians about getting a new AC unit installed in or on your home.

New Braunfels Most Trusted Air Conditioning Repair Service

Put the worry of repairing or replacing your air conditioner this spring out of your mind. With nearly 30 years of experience, we know when it’s time to repair your air conditioner and when it’s time to replace it. Ready to replace your AC unit? Ask about our specials and financing. A quick call to Legacy AC and Heating Services can address all of your HVAC issues and more. Call us today!