There’s lots that we love about summer time. We love spending more time in our backyards with a glass of sweet tea in hand, we love the long days full of sunshine, and we love getting to play outside with our friends and family. However, we don’t necessarily love the heat. Yes, that brassy Texas sunshine can get uncomfortably hot during the summer.

Fortunately, you can beat the heat with a new air conditioner for your home. But what do you need to keep in mind before installing a new air conditioner? Legacy Services has been offering air conditioning installation to New Braunfels’ residents and answering their questions for more than 30 years, so read on to take advantage of our insights.

What To Consider?

Arranging for an air conditioning installation can feel a little overwhelming if you’ve never had to have a new AC installed on your home. What should you think about before calling an AC repair company? Fortunately, we’ve laid it all out for you.


The size of your air conditioner influences the amount of comfort it provides your home, the efficiency of the unit itself, and the lifespan of the unit. Since it’s warm throughout the year in New Braunfels, it’s not uncommon for some homes to run their AC off and on through fall and into spring, and then nearly constantly in summer. If your AC unit is too small, it may not be able to withstand this amount of use. Too large, and you might be wasting electricity. Working with our air conditioning installation specialists will help you determine what size unit you need.


One of the most obvious and immediate things you’ll think of while looking for a new AC is the cost. Typically, a new air conditioner can run a homeowner anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000, depending on the size and the brand of the unit. This figure might be hard to swallow, but it’s a worthy investment when you realize how much a new air conditioner can improve the quality of your home life. Plus, there’s no need to sweat over costs when Legacy Services offers great financing options.



The DIY Factor

For some who take a proactive stance to homeownership, it might be tempting to install their new air conditioner themselves. We admire their can-do spirit, but before you get too ahead of yourself, consider hiring a professional instead. Here’s why:

    • Hiring a professional means that all of the work is done for you.
    • The job will be completed quickly, and efficiently, reducing the possibility of malfunctions and issues related to a botched DIY installation.
    • The US National Institute of Standards and Technology suggests that improper installation of an AC unit can lead to a 30 percent increase to your energy bills.

Enjoy every minute of your summer, whether you’re inside or outside. Legacy Services make air conditioning installation easy for your New Braunfels home. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate. While you’re meeting with a technician, be sure to ask about our incredible, zero-percent APR financing options that are sure to help you keep cool this summer.