A common complaint we hear from New Braunfels residents is that their air conditioning is no longer cooling the upstairs like it used to. There are a number of potential explanations for this common problem, and often the only person that can actually shine light or solve the issue is an air conditioning repair technician. There are, however, a few things you can do to help ensure that your home is staying cool at all levels:

dreamstime_xxl_47317840Upgrade the attic

Improving your upstairs temperature should start with checking the floor above; for most Texas homes, that means an attic. By upgrading your attic’s insulation and ventilation, you can greatly reduce the resting temperature of your upstairs, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the AC. Insulating the attic isn’t just removed for the northern part of the country, insulation serves a crucial purpose in fending off excess heat, as well as cold. If you couple this with increased ventilation, then your home will enjoy a cooler temperature, regardless of your air conditioner.

Check the windows

Another source for a warm upstairs comes from the windows. Whether this means checking to see if old windows are costing you in energy efficiency or simply drawing the shades in the daytime, these simple measures can have dramatic results. Consider this: Your walls feature layers of insulation and wood that keep light and heat out, but even the best windows can offer neither. Accordingly, the burden that uncovered, outdated windows places on AC is immense.

Get professional air conditioning repair

Whether you take the above measures or not, it is best to go straight to the source, and get your air conditioning professionally repaired or maintained. Turn to Legacy AC & Heating Services for all New Braunfels air conditioning services, and we’ll be sure to offer personalized advice for how to enjoy a cooler home in the most affordable way possible.

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