In our previous blogs, we’ve explored a number of great ways to get more out of your home’s energy such as, how to reduce costs and how to keep your family comfortable. Today, we’ll look at two more great ways to decrease energy usage:

Take Advantage of Rebates

Another great way to plan your home’s future energy efficient decisions is to look into local, state, and even federal rebates for taking these steps. Often, specific products or improvements can carry eligibility for tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in rebates for you to enjoy. Here in New Braunfels, you can check out the NBU Conservation Rebates, which is regularly updated and designed to encourage homeowners to reduce energy consumption through energy-conscious home improvements; you can add value to your home while saving money!

Upgrade Appliances

This can mean a lot of things, and will be different for each home. For instance, if your home’s furnace is dated 1992 or earlier, then you should definitely replace it. In conjunction with the previously mentioned rebates, undergoing an air conditioner installation, purchasing new kitchen or laundry appliances, and even upgrading a hot water heater can save you a tremendous amount of standing energy costs. Many appliances are two to three  times more efficient than their outdated counterparts, and will obviously perform like-new.

Invest in Air Conditioning

Whether your system is burning more energy than it could or just needs a tune up, call the expert technicians at Legacy Heating & Air for your air conditioner installation or repair, you know you’ll be getting an honest deal.

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Invest in your home’s future with high-quality air conditioning repair and installation services today!