As air conditioning repair experts, we know a thing or two about energy efficiency. Often, when homeowners are suffering from rising energy costs, there are a number of things they can do outside of changing out the assumed culprit. Here are some ways you can increase energy efficiency throughout your home:

Change Your Habits

The hardest part about any change is probably this one. For many homeowners, it’s far easier to point at a large system, such as heating and cooling, for their energy usage costs; changing energy usage habits is often much more difficult. Consider this: Keeping an old refrigerator plugged in for parties or convenient drinks in the garage can easily cost you $150 a year, over 10 dollars a month. By simply analyzing how and why you use the energy you do, you can make a significant impact on your energy costs.

dreamstime_xxl_11336153Windows Aren’t Walls

The energy efficiency difference between a window and a wall is daunting. A properly installed wall is airtight, keeps out humidity, features layers of siding, wood, insulation and sheetrock to keep your home’s interior temperature optimal; windows are far thinner, feature only one or two layers, and allow heat (in the form of light) to easily come through. Worse yet, old windows offer an abysmal level of energy efficiency in comparison to modern equivalents. While the cost to upgrade windows may initially be high, it can save you a tremendous amount in the long run.

Get Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Most air conditioning maintenance and repair issues are simple and cost-effective, especially when performed regularly. Keeping your system working properly is key to optimal output and energy efficiency, but even the best systems can’t reduce energy costs in the presence of poor habits and old, drafty windows.

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