Owning a home can be difficult work.

You’ve got a number of things to think about that you never had to consider when you were a renter. When you paid monthly rent, you simply didn’t have this same mentality of preserving an investment for one simple reason: the investment wasn’t yours. You trusted your landlord or property owner to take care of any regular maintenance and repairs because that’s how renting works.

If you’re like most people, when you purchased your home, a new way of thinking started to take root in your mind: No one else is going to care for your property. Maintaining your property and ensuring that your investment isn’t being put in jeopardy is one of the most important things for homeowners to do. Whether you’ve been in your home for decades or you’re brand new to the neighborhood, taking care of your home is so incredibly meaningful and important because you’re ensuring that your house remains as valuable as possible.

The Value of HVAC Maintenance

Though all aspects of home maintenance are important, taking care of your large appliances like your furnace and air conditioner is such a vital measure to take. HVAC systems are costly to purchase, install, and replace when that time comes. But when a system isn’t cared for and well maintained over the years, its life will be shorter, and you’ll most likely be paying much more in energy bills every month.

This is where we come in!

At Legacy Heating and Air Conditioning Services in New Braunfels, we’ll not only provide you with valuable HVAC repair and maintenance, we’ll take care of any AC or furnace replacement that you may need. Contact us for all of your New Braunfels air conditioning repair and heating needs!

Making sure that you’re investing in HVAC repair is a vital step for any New Braunfels homeowner and in today’s two-part blog, we’re going to discuss some of the most significant reasons why.

Your HVAC Systems Will Perform Better

Imagine running your dishwasher or stove for at least six to eight hours of the day, every day of the year. Seems like a lot of use for your appliances, right? Well, your HVAC equipment is consistently doing its thing throughout the year, and when the weather is at the most extreme temperatures, your HVAC system is working much harder than during mild months.

For this reason, it’s so important to get your systems inspected and maintained on a yearly basis. In some cases, your units might need a slight adjustment or repair, but if you’re not getting them inspected, you’ll have no way of knowing when that might need to happen. Regular maintenance will allow your HVAC machines to run well and efficiently, costing you less money in energy bills.

Avoid Bigger Issues in Your Unit

When small HVAC maintenance issues, such as frozen coils and dirty filters, are allowed to continue and build up, they can cause much more significant problems in your heating and air conditioning units. In fact, when certain issues are allowed to remain and get worse, they can actually lead to the necessity of air conditioning or furnace replacement. Investing in yearly inspections and regular air conditioning repair here in New Braunfels can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in massive HVAC repair or replacement.



As we’ve already established, getting yearly HVAC inspections is extremely important for any homeowner here in New Braunfels and if you’re letting multiple years go by without seeing out a heating and AC pro, you’re not doing your best to ensure the value of your home. Stay tuned for part two of our blog series in which we’ll discuss a few more important reasons to seek HVAC maintenance, such as experiencing fewer interruptions in heating and cooling, avoiding HVAC replacement, and enjoying better air quality.

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