Have you ever noticed water on the inside of your home’s windows? This odd effect is created by an overabundance of moisture in your home, and could be costing you money. By attempting to cool a house with high levels of humidity, you are forcing your home’s air conditioning to fight an uphill battle.

dreamstime_xxl_8098429Options for Moisture

If you’re dealing with too much moisture in your home due to the New Braunfels humidity, then you have a couple of options to combat this:

Dehumidifier on Furnace

If your home is equipped with central air conditioning, then your furnace is working to circulate the cool air you enjoy throughout your home. This same system can be outfitted with a dehumidifier, both aftermarket or at the time of air conditioning installation. Often, this is the most effective method, as homeowners won’t have to worry about forgetting to empty out the water.

Portable Dehumidifier

Another option is the portable dehumidifier, found at most hardware and department stores. While these units do work fine, your home may require more than one to effectively remove moisture from different levels. Of course, the major drawback with these are their reliance upon emptying a water tank, often around once per day; when the tank is full, it’s basically just decorative furniture.

Our Thoughts

As New Braunfels air conditioning experts, our advice is always to invest in the sure thing; if your home already has central air conditioning, having a reliable dehumidifier installed on your system can help to keep your family comfortable, costs down, and removes the annoyance of emptying a tank.

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